Ogio Expands Shoxx X4™ Suspension System To Four 2013 Golf Bags

Shoxx X4™ suspension system brings golfers new level of comfort

ogioOGIO, the designer of uniquely styled collections of golf bags, apparel and accessories, announces the inclusion of its state-of-the-art SHOXX X4™ Suspension System on four new golf bags, including the Recoil, Grom XX, Ozone XX and Hauler.

The SHOXX X4™ Suspension System consists of two integrated, adjustable elastomeric straps that absorb the downward pull from the weight of the golf bag. The SHOXX X4™ sits on both shoulders and as a result, the weight is evenly distributed resulting in significantly less strain on the shoulders and neck. The original SHOXX™ technology debuted on the Recoil stand bag this time last year.

“Like all OGIO golf products, the SHOXX X4™ Suspension System was engineered to help put golfers at the top of their game,” said Tom Gocke, Global Vice President of OGIO Golf. “Absorbing the bounce and removing the imbalance of weight distribution for golfers carrying their bags means less muscle fatigue and strain on players’ joints. This translates to more energy down the stretch and less joint problems over time. As a result, the inclusion of the SHOXX X4™ on some of our newest bags is a natural next step toward our driving goal of improving the quality of the game for every golfer.”

In addition to sporting the SHOXX X4™ Suspension System technology, the Recoil, Grom XX, Ozone XX and Hauler offer advanced features, including weather-resistant, fleece-lined pockets to ensure protection of all valuables; multiple zippered pouches for golf balls, tees, snacks and sunscreen; and a walking accessible water bottle holster. The Recoil, Grom XX, Ozone XX and Hauler are all available at specialty golf retailers.

For more details about the OGIO SHOXX X4™ Suspension System, visit OGIO.com/videos.

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