Now is the Time to Replace Lost or Missing PING Irons from Your Current or Old Set

Have you lost a club from an old set of PING irons on the golf course? Or do you wish you had an extra wedge or two from your current PING set?

Did you know that we can special order one or two additional clubs for your current or classic set of PING irons and have it built to match the EXACT SPECS of the rest of your set? These are authorized PING irons, built directly at the PING factory, for you! The online storefront for Morton Golf,, specializes in ordering individual or replacement PING irons through PING.

If you have lost an iron or simply wish to add an additional wedge or iron to fill in your current or old PING set, Morton Golf Sales makes this process easy by offering replacement irons for many of PING’s current and classic line of clubs. If you have questions, give us a call toll free at 888-988-3673 and we can walk you through the ordering process.

Ordering is EASY! For irons, simply find the serial number located on the hosel on the irons of your PING set. Morton Golf Sales will ask for this serial number on the order page and PING will match the specs for a perfect fill-in!

Click HERE to see the entire selection of PING individual irons available.

Popular PING Replacement Iron Models

All Available PING Replacement/Individual Club Options


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