New Revolver Cart Bag, TriSwivel Push Cart And T-2000 Travel Cover All Incorporate 360 Degree Technology

In 2005, Bag Boy introduced its first Revolver cart bag featuring 360 degree technology that has now launched the company into the forefront of the push cart, travel cover and golf bag categories. The 360 degree revolution features advanced technology in the three core product categories for Bag Boy. The 360 degree revolution rotates the top of the Revolver cart bag, swivels the front wheel of the TriSwivel push cart and spins the handle of the T-2000 travel cover, all resulting in more accessibility, maneuverability and convenience for golfers. Click HERE to buy online at

The new 360 degree revolution products received rave reviews at the recent PGA Merchandise Show by customers and media. Golf Digest named the T-2000 travel cover to its Top 12 Coolest Items list at the PGA Merchandise Show and the Revolver cart bag has been recognized by several media outlets as the best in its category, winning multiple Hot List awards. Bag Boy’s travel cover category has seen an increase of 47 percent in sales with the introduction of the T-2000, the Revolver sales are up by 33 percent this year and cart bookings have increased by 40 percent with the introduction of the TriSwivel push cart.

“Every once in a while you see a product innovation and invention that just makes you stand dumbfounded and say, ‘Why on earth hasn’t that been thought of before,'” said Ken Morton Jr., vice president, retail and marketing, Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop. “The 360 degree handle that Bag Boy has put on their newest evolution of travel bags is so naturally beneficial and easy-to-use, it falls into that category. It’s such a revolutionary item; it got my vote at the PGA Merchandise Show New Product Preview as New Product of the Year.”

Revolver LE TopEach of the 360 degree products was developed to make golf convenient and more enjoyable. The Revolver was designed after consumer research showed that players were adding more hybrids and woods to their bags making it harder to find the irons among the added headcovers. The Revolver top rotates 360 degrees making it easier to find the club for the next shot.

The TriSwivel push cart uses technology from Bag Boy’s sister company, Baby Jogger giving golfers effortless maneuverability and making walking the course more enjoyable. The three-wheel push cart uses Swivel-Tech™ Technology, which allows the front wheel to swivel 360 degrees. The swivel wheel can also be locked into place by engaging the remote Swivel Lock Out when walking hills or long distT-2000 Pivot Gripances.

The T-2000 travel cover features a patent-pending Pivot Grip™ handle that rotates 360 degrees. The built-in ergonomic Pivot Grip™ reduces arm and wrist strain and makes maneuvering the travel cover simple by never having to let go.

“The 360 degree revolution has really given Bag Boy a step-up on the competition,” said Craig Ramsbottom, president, Dynamic Brands Golf Division. “The combination of visible technology and discernible benefits to the consumer has made the Revolver and T-2000 extremely successful. We have enjoyed strong sales and increased market share across both categories. The TriSwivel will be available in early April and bookings are very strong.”

The Revolver golf bag has been the company’s best-selling cart bag for six years. The T-2000 travel cover hit the retail market at holiday and sell through has been exceptional. The TriSwivel will begin shipping April 1 just in time for the start of the golf season in key walking markets.

“Bag Boy just gave you the best reason in years to switch out your bag, travel cover and cart,” said Kerry Kabase, vice president, purchasing and inventory, Edwin Watts Golf Shops.

Bag Boy has been committed to developing market leading, innovative, consumer friendly products since its inception in 1946. The 360 degree revolution is proven technology that is making the game more enjoyable for golfers with its convenience benefits. The development team is continuously testing new products utilizing the 360 degree revolution for future introductions. Click HERE to order online.

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