October is Here With New Food Specials at the Cafe

Egg Florentine, Meatloaf Sandwich, Tequila Lime Chicken Sandwich and Happy Hour Pork Sliders this October only at the Cafe!

This month’s food specials are certainly appetizing from morning til happy hour. Make sure to check these all of your Bartley list of “Must Try’s!”

Let’s start with breakfast. This month get a decadent Eggs Florentine — it’s like an Eggs Benedict but arguably better. This special has the typical poached eggs on English muffin but this spin has sliced tomatoes and a spinach white sauce and crumbled prosciutto. And it has a lovely side of fruit to boot! It’ll be a great combo with the Bloody Mary Bar that’s starting October 6. Just saying.

For lunch how about a Meatloaf Sandwich? This isn’t even your regular meatloaf. This meatloaf is bacon-wrapped! Then there are grilled onions and melted swiss cheese. Finish it with a mustard spread and… there’s your lunch. You’ll enjoy every bite.

Tequila! Imagine the Tequila song playing. You’re welcome for getting that song in your head. Now imagine tequila lime grilled chicken, feta cheese, lettuce, grilled onions, tomatoes and guac all on ciabatta bread. Oh, wait, and a roasted jalapeno spread! Tequila Lime Chicken Sandwich! That’s a lot to fit in the Tequila song.

Speaking of tequila, have some Pork Sliders with your tequila during happy hour! No pressure to have tequila, but we highly recommend the Pork Sliders because, unlike tequila, you will have less regrets.

The Cafe at Bartley Cavanaugh is open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm this October. Swoop in and try all the food specials while you can!


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