New Cafe Patio at William Land Golf Course

After a round of golf, stop in to Mulligan’s Restaurant and enjoy a cool beverage or a hearty meal while sitting on the new Cafe Patio.


The Café Patio was funded by Sacramento County Supervisor Jimmie Yee. The new Patio will seat 40 people outside of Mulligans Café next to the putting green. Working during your lunch hour? No problem we have free Wi-Fi available. Enjoy the ambiance of outdoor seating on our veranda overlooking our beautiful first fairway. Watch as other golfers tee it up on this, Sacramento’s oldest crown jewel of a golf course. We believe the Patio will become a great place for people to set back and relax. We look forward to a great new year of food and fun in the Park.

GarlicButterBurgerThe Garlic Butter Burger at William Land Golf Course’s Mulligan’s Café is simply out of this world! The secret isn’t the scrumptious full beef patty or the two layers of cheese- both of which are simply delicious- but the incredible proprietary garlic butter sauce that is brushed on the bun before it is grilled to a perfect crispness. The result is a unique and delicious combination of flavors.

The Garlic Butter Burger starts at $5.99 or make it a meal for $8.99 and add our beer-battered fries or chips and a frosty coke for a tasty combo that will satisfy your hunger. You won’t be disappointed in the taste and we look forward to seeing you on your next lunch break.

William Land is located at 1701 Sutterville Road in Sacramento.

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