Mizuno Unveils New MP-18 Irons

The legendary Mizuno MP iron returns in four different forms, enabling golfers to find the right fit

One of the game’s most iconic iron families is back as Mizuno announces the launch of the MP-18s. Revered for its clean, classic look and premier performance, the MP iron is one of the most timeless clubs in the industry. Showcasing a refined balance of craft and science, Mizuno is releasing four different iterations – MP-18, MP-18 SC, MP-18 MMC and the MP-18 MMC FLI-HI – to offer golfers innovation where they need it and the ability to assemble sets matched to their personal playing style.

“MP irons are timeless clubs, with many sets of our earlier versions often being passed down from generation to generation,” said Ryan Ellis, Mizuno USA Brand Manager, Golf. “We’re refining our proud family of irons, and we wanted to make sure that we got it right. The MP-18 irons honor the history and legacy of the MP series, delivering on all the things that better players are looking for. This introduction of the new MP evolves our family of irons by meshing elements of classic shapes with the modern technology we bring to the table in our irons.”

All of the new MP-18 irons embrace a stylish, timeless design with an ultra thin top line, as well as a thin sole to deliver a classic look upon address. The shape of the top line is cambered to make it appear even thinner than its measured specifications.

The MP-18 boasts a slightly wider sole than its predecessor, the MP-4, delivering added playability. It also features a head size smaller than both the MP-4 and MP-5 with a low heel design that resonates with seasoned players. The 7-iron through pitching wedge also were designed to be much smaller and more compact than other clubs, however they also have a similar sweet spot to the MP-4.

The MP-18 SC (Split Cavity) features a slightly wider sole than others in the series, offering enhanced playability and forgiveness. While repeating several of the design traits in the MP-18, there are subtle variations, such as a slightly thicker topline and greater face height.

The MP-18 MMC (Multi-Metal Construction) boasts a mixture of metals to deliver the best performance possible. The long irons feature eight grams of titanium along the perimeter of the club, while 20 grams of tungsten are inserted in the toe of the club to increase the moment of inertia (MOI). Despite maintaining a smaller club head, the MP-18 MMC does feature a larger sweet spot than the other irons in the MP line and is extremely forgiving.

The partial set of the MP-18 MMC FLI-HI irons gives golfers an additional and forgiving option when assembling their MP-18 set. Available in a two-iron through six-iron, these long irons add muscle for higher ball speeds, while maintaining the slim, classic look that resonates throughout the MP series.

Mizuno will continue to offer high-end, aftermarket shafts for all its clubs. The MP-18 comes in stock with the Dynamic Gold S300, the MP-18 SC features the KBS Tour Stiff and MP-18 MMC comes with the Nippon Modus 120 Stiff. Each MP-18 iron is $150 per club, enabling golfers to mix-and-match when assembling their set. The MP-18 will be available in stores in September.

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About Mizuno USA:
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