Maloney’s Grille New September Food Specials

Hard to believe it’s already September, but worry not. There are some excellent food specials waiting for you at Maloney’s.

Options include Cheesesteak, Bing Chili Dog, and Patty Melt on Rye. That’s a good start-of-fall lineup!

Rye not try a Patty Melt? You’re welcome for that pun. Now go on and order a Patty Melt this month at Maloney’s! Yes, it is on rye bread with sauteed onions and swiss cheese.

Or maybe a Cheesesteak is more your speed and you didn’t really feel like going to Philadelphia for one. Melted cheesy goodness over grilled steak and bell peppers and onions, all soaked up in a soft roll. That’s a good lunch.

Want an even heartier option to fight against those sudden, cool fall winds? How about a Chili Dog? It’s prepared the Bing way meaning the hot dog is split and grilled with a healthy topping of chili and cheese. It’s a good decision ready to happen.

All of these options have your choice of side: fries, beer battered fries, onion rings, side salad and chips. Heads-up: the onion rings are fabulous.

Maloney’s Grille is located at the Bing Maloney Golf Course at 6801 Freeport Blvd in Sacramento, CA. Call 916-808-6643 for take-out orders. For more information about the Bing Maloney Golf Course, visit our website at


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