Longest Drives in Golf

Every golfer has dreamed of hitting the green off the tee every time. However, most of us can’t drive the ball that far, especially on those long par 4’s. Incredibly, some golfers are able to drive the ball consistently to the green and beyond. Today let’s take a look at the longest drives in the history of golf.

World Record Golf Drive

In 1974, Mike Austin supposedly hit a golf ball 516 yards in the US Senior Open qualifier. At the time, Mike Austin was 64 years old. The qualifier was played in Las Vegas. However, there is much controversy over the validity of this shot.

Guinness World Record (Below 1000m)

Today there is an entire industry around driving a golf ball as far as possible. These competitions have allowed people like Ryan Winther to make a career out of just driving golf balls. He currently holds the Guinness World record for the longest carry. He hit the ball 430 yards at Wente Vineyards on a carry. Ryan Winther’s longest competition drive is 485 yards. He also has the fastest ball speed recorded.

Undisputed Longest Golf Drive of All Time

The longest golf drive of all time was technically not on Earth. While Alan Shepard did hit a golf ball on the Moon, it is no longer the distance record. In 2006 Mikhail Tyurin hit a golf ball off the International Space Station. This ball is estimated to have orbited the Earth for over 3 days. It is predicted to have traveled between 1.26 million and 460 million miles. It orbited the Earth and burned up in Earth’s atmosphere. This makes this golf shot the undisputed longest drive champion.

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