Local Junior Receives an Amazing Gift!

Every day something good happens at Haggin Oaks . . .

A few weeks ago one of our Morton Golf Foundation junior golfers’ parents asked if Morton Golf Foundation had any thoughts on how their daughter could get new golf clubs.  Their daughter, Olivia just turned 9 years old & is taking lessons and is ready to start to play in golf tournaments.

The only way for a junior to receive funding from Morton Golf Foundation is to apply on our website for a Junior Golf Development Grant. For this year all Grant money has been distributed. The junior would have to wait till next year to apply.

Then it happened . . .

A company approached Morton Golf Foundation & said they had money left over from their golf tournament & was looking to pass it on to a junior in need.

They heard Olivia’s story about needing new clubs & a match was made.

Olivia just received her new set of US Kids clubs.

Olivia wrote this company a thank you note that reads:


My name is Olivia & I am 9 years old. I want to thank you for your generous support of my golf game.   I will try my best with my new clubs.

One day I want to be a professional golfer so I can give back to other people too.



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