Live Coverage of the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, continued

The team from Morton Golf is back in Orlando this week for the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show. Nearly 1000 vendors will be on the showroom floor and our team will be on hand to shop the newest trends and find the best cutting-edge gear in the golf industry. This is YOUR chance to get an insider’s look at the showroom floor as we update this blog throughout the week with exclusive photos, commentary, celebrity encounters, video snippets and more! Our blog of the first day of the show and demo day from Wednesday was just getting too long. Click HERE to see all the pictures, videos and commentary from the first half of our show coverage. 

We want to hear from you! Leave your questions and comments for our team and we’ll get you the answers you need! Do you like what you see? Do you want us to find something specific on the showroom floor? Give us your feedback!

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Meet the team! 
Ken Morton, Sr. (KMS)- Morton Golf CEO and Haggin Oaks Director of Golf
Ken Morton, Jr. (KMJ)- Morton Golf VP of Retail  Marketing
Tom Morton (TM)- PGA Director of Player Performance for Morton Golf
Bill Dixon (BD)- Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop Store Manager
Marlene Kawaguchi (MK)- Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop Store Manager
Mike Pompei (MP)- Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop Accessory & Glove Buyer
Erin Morton (EM)- Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop Apparel & Footwear Buyer
Frank LaRosa (FL)- Morton Golf Advertising/Marketing Consultant 
Jenny Koplin (JK)- Sales Associate at Haggin Oaks 
Matt Young (MY) – Teaching Professional at Haggin Oaks
Don Pottle (DP) – Teaching Professional at Haggin Oaks

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Follow Up
I had to drop back in to send our hearty congratulations to our final winner of a dozen Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. Drum roll please… Art Finch is our final winner! Thank you EVERYONE for following our coverage and for all the great comments that you left for us!
Saturday, January 28th, 2012
This is it! The final day of the PGA Show and we have lots of stuff to share with everyone! Check back often throughout the day for the latest updates and don’t forget to leave a comment on this blog post for YOUR chance to win a dozen Pro V1 golf balls! We’re giving away our final dozen for comments left. Just remember to include your email address so we can contact you!!

6:44PM – Airport – Frank turned 86 tonight. Boy does time fly. It seems like only yesterday that we were last celebrating his birthday… Wait… Maybe it was! -KMJ

5:23PM – Airport – Life is good – MK

5:23PM – Airport – Family photo of the Mortons. Waiting for our flight home. – MK

5:11PM – Airport – We’re really coming home. Matt looks sad to be leaving after having the time of his life – MK

NEW Video – PGA Show – The 2012 PGA Merchandise Show is now over, but here is a look back to Thursday’s Opening Ceremony when Jack Nicklaus kicked off the event with a speech about 2012’s Golf 2.0 Initiative.  – FL

NEW Video – PGA Show – The Morton Golf team stopped by the Swiftwick Socks booth at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show where they showed off their brand new socks very popular with tour players already. – FL

New Video – PGA Show – Country singer/songwriter Julie Roberts became an official staff member of the Cleveland Golf/Miyazaki golf team today at the PGA Merchandise Show. Here’s a quick presentation of her staff bag from Tim. – FL

New Video  – PGA Show – The team from Morton Golf stopped by the Golfer’s Skin sunscreen booth for a product demonstration of their brand new sunscreen that is already very popular with tour players. – FL

New Video – PGA Show – Morton Golf stopped by Insta Golf Shoes, a new product introduced at the PGA Show. Check out this video to see a product demonstration of their go anywhere golf shoes. – FL

NEW Video – PGA Show – Matt Young from Morton Golf says goodbye from the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show.  Stay tuned for all the BEST new products of 2012 to hit our shelves at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop and online at  If you’ve enjoyed all the great content provided by Matt Young and Jenny Koplin, then you should also follow their blog, My Life on the Green. Click HERE to check it out! – MY

New Video – PGA Show – The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop team stopped by the Asher Golf Glove booth where they showed off their brand new “Death Grip” golf glove. – FL

3:14PM – PGA Show – If I could sum up the theme for apparel this photo would be it! For both men’s and women’s its color, lots of color, fashion, unique, and playability. – JK

3:12PM – PGA Show – Also in Ralph Lauren booth-RLX – MK

3:11PM – PGA Show – I could spend the whole day in this booth. Ralph Lauren. Wow! – MK

3:08PM – PGA Show – I have never seen a shoe like this! It’s a new vendor Royal Albartross. They carry men’s and ladies. High price point but gorgeous. – MK

NEW Video – PGA Show – The team from Morton Golf stopped by the True Power booth during the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show where Ture Power showed off the brand new negative ionic bracelets that were launched at the show. – FL

3:01PM – PGA Show – The show is over, the team is tired….time to go over the highlights and talk about all we’ve seen! – TM

2:59PM – PGA Show – Fun to walk through and see all the artwork and history of the game – MK

NEW Video – PGA Show – The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop team stopped by the Precise/Tartan Golf booth where Roger showed off the brand new one-touch Quick-Fold Pull Cart. – FL

2:54PM – PGA Show – Another cute dress from AUR. Quality apparel. – JK

2:47PM – PGA Show – Sport Haley for men! Brand new! – JK

2:45PM – PGA Show – Beautiful Sport Haley jacket for fall. – JK

NEW Video – PGA Show – Preview the new line of Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons for 2012. The irons are perfect for golfers with handicaps of 12 or higher, the ball comes off the face hot and long. Classic design. Cutting edge technology. – FL

NEW Video – PGA Show – Want to learn more about the 2012 line of Carnoustie Apparel? Check out this video from Frank LaRosa with ESPN Radio 1320 as we get a tour of the new men’s and ladies fall collections.  – FL

2:28PM – PGA Show – Even Iron Man is here wondering about the latest from the world of golf.. – BD

2:16PM – Command Central – I just made another update to our Flickr photoset for the PGA Show. Another 30 pictures were just added, bringing the total up to 250 photos! Click HERE to view. The best part? You can view the pictures all in one convenient location. They are shown as thumbnails and you can either blow up individual pics or watch a slideshow to see them all. Cool beans! Click HERE – Jennifer

2:07PM –  Congratulations to our third winner of a dozen Titleist Pro V1 golf balls! Our winner today is “time.brubud” – (I’ll update to the real name once I get it!) Want to win your own Titleist Pro V1 golf balls valued at $48? Simply leave a comment and include your email address in the comments section of this blog. We’ll pick our final winner tomorrow. You can enter up to 3 times today!!! The odds are in your favor, so give us your feedback of our coverage of the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. Golf in the City Blog wants to hear from you! Good Luck!

1:51PM – PGA Show – Matt takes a picture with Sean Foley who loved the “Beware of the Double Cross” flag that will be going on the Arcade Creek 18th hole.– MY

1:44PM – PGA Show – Garb: We started carrying this junior apparel line last year and they continue to show great product. They carry infant to youth sizes- MK

1:38PM – PGA Show – Sean Foley at the PSP booth – MY

1:29PM – PGA Show – Lungs or Bust! – Jenny brings us this video from the TaylorMade, Ashworth, Adidas booth at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show with a focus on the Ashworth collection. This video is dedicated to Morton Golf’s Mark McEvoy. Haggin Oaks congratulates you on being #1 now on the transplant list to get a new set of lungs. – JK

New Video – PGA Show – Frank LaRosa with ESPN Radio 120 talks to Kentwool about their newest line-up in socks for 2012. Stay-tuned for new colors and argyles for 2012. – FL

New Video! – PGA Show – Our own Frank LaRosa talked to Bag Boy President, Craig Ramsbottom, who shares the features of the NEW Bag Boy Tri-Swivel Push/Pull Cart with Morton Golf. – FL

1:02PM – PGA Show – Had to stop at PUMA one last time – JK

12:08PM – PGA Show – Check out these custom Titleist SM 4 wedges – MY

12:06PM – PGA Show – Sport Haley line. Check out the video below too! – JK

11:39AM – PGA Show – Bring your club head to life with Club Crown club skins – BD

11:37AM – PGA Show – Mark your ball with every color of the rainbow from Sharpie – BD

11:36AM – PGA Show – I just met the Mossimo!! Wow! His line is G/fore which offers 18 different colored Cabretta leather gloves – MK

11:23AM – PGA Show – You want color?! They got it. G/fore – MK

11:20AM – PGA Show – Color. This stuff is darling! – MK

11:10AM – PGA Show – New tropical finish on the latest line of putters from Rife. The finish holds up better than stainless steel and is absolutely stunning. – BD

11:09AM – PGA Show – New V-Motion and E-Motion golf balls from Innovex. Premium ball performance without the premium price. – BD

11:08AM – PGA Show – You would be amazed at how much these “don’t” weigh… and your feet will stay dry in the wettest conditions – BD

11:07AM – PGA Show – Nike Golf has been conducting the “Nike Speed Trials” all week with a live leader board comparing distances with their new VR-S wood line – BD

10:52AM – PGA Show – Specialty cigars. Rolling them on the spot – MK

10:43AM – PGA Show – Spectacular show of the Peabody ducks coming soon. The sign reads… Reserved for the Peabody Ducks…. – MY

(The Peabody ducks are a cool attraction at the Peabody Hotel located across the street from the convention center where the PGA Show is being held.) Click HERE for more information. – Jennifer

10:22AM – PGA Show – Since Jennifer Morton kicked me out of the Loudmouth Booth yesterday, I had to come back today! I showed her!!!! – JK

Well played, my friend. Well played. – Jennifer

10:20AM – PGA Show – Tail is launching a young girls line for Fall 2012! It is so cute!! – EM

10:15AM – PGA Show – Incredibly cute golf dress from AUR – JK

10:14AM – PGA Show – AUR is a good quality product that we introduced in 2011. Here is some of their fall line up. – JK

10:14AM – PGA Show – More fall fashion video shot. Here’s a look at the Men’s Greg Norman Collection for Fall 2012. – JK

10:12AM – PGA Show – Thought this was funny as I walked by. They have anything you can think of here – MK

10:07AM – PGA Show – Jenny Koplin from Morton Golf shot this quick preview look at the new fall fashions from Sport Haley at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show. – JK

10:06AM – PGA Show – Matt is at the SAM Putt Lab seminar to learn more about the fitting system we have out at Haggin Oaks so that we can offer the best technology fitting for putters. – MY

9:52AM – PGA Show – Here’s another look at the Hollas men’s line   – JK

9:52AM – PGA Show – Hollas men’s line, do you like it? Should we carry it?  – JK

9:43AM – PGA Show – Show your wife you love her with a six foot rose, or have them nicely decorating your wedding or event hall. – JK

9:24AM – PGA Show – For those who could attend Demo days they offer a cool indoor range.– MK

Friday, January 27th, 2012
The largest golf show in the world, the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show, continues as we have 12 members of the Morton Golf team scouring the show floor to find you the best new products of 2012!

9:46PM – PGA Show – Another picture from earlier today. I thought this was a great booth as well. Travis Mathews has been one of our best new vendors over the last two years. Expect to see more! -MK
9:43PM – PGA Show – Took some time to listen to Phil Blackmar inside the Taylormade booth earlier today. -MK
7:54PM – Dinner – Got a wine glass with my initial on it. Okay, not really, at Maggiano’s with team.  -MK

7:53PM – PGA Show – Look out for the Orange Peel, coming to stores soon. Great trainer for balance, turn, and plane.  -MY

7:51PM – PGA Show – Up close with Michael Breed. -MY
7:37PM – Dinner – It only seems like yesterday that we were celebrating Frank’s 85th birthday… Ken Morton, Sr. says he can’t believe how fast the year went by. -MY

7:37PM – After the PGA Show – Our rides came to pick us up! 4 Rolls Royces waiting outside of the Peabody. -MY
(Okay, maybe not!)

5:57PM – Command Central – Click HERE! The team has been sending in so many pictures that I have updated our Flickr photoset for our “2012 PGA Merchandise Show” coverage with 40+ more pictures! Want to see them all? It is pretty cool, because you can look at all the pictures as thumbnails and only click the ones you want to see blown up or view them all in a slideshow to get a “taste” of life on the road with the Morton Golf team! Click HERE to see all the pictures now! – Jennifer

5:43PM – PGA Show – Check it out and leave a comment on your thoughts for the Ladies Fairway and Green collection -JK
5:42PM – PGA Show – Another look at the Ladies Fairway and Green collection -JK

Lesley also shares her comments on our Haggin Oaks Facebook page – “I love the clothes but can’t afford them unless they are on sale…” – Jennifer
5:42PM – PGA Show – Ladies’ Fairway and Green -JK
5:41PM – PGA Show – Ladies tell me what you think, this is the ladies high end Fairway and Green collection. It is high quality and beautiful! Do you want to see it in the shop? -JK

Tamara on Facebook writes, “I love Ladies Fairway and Green collection! Great for golf and everyday wear. Classy, yet hip.” – Jennifer
5:39PM – PGA Show – Marlene in front of her favorite Life is Good Booth – JK
5:38PM – PGA Show – I think we should carry knickers in the store. How fun would that be for tournaments and great Halloween costumes? What do you think? -JK
5:11PM – PGA Show – Hold on Mizuno fans… the new MP650 drivers, fairways and hy-brids will debut February 15h… Hi Marcus J!! -BD
4:52PM – PGA Show – Ladies Daily Sports. Lots of color. Do you like it? -JK

Sonia writes on the Haggin Oaks Facebook page, “Very sharp!!! Into the now! ;)” – Jennifer
4:49PM – PGA Show – The new Tri-Swivel push cart from Bag Boy… effortless maneuverability while you walk and play -BD

4:44PM – PGA Show – The Tour Striker Impact Bag – Teaches forward shaft lean and swing plane -MY

4:41PM – PGA Show – Cobra Long Tom 2 wood, 45 inches -MY

4:34PM – PGA Show – I sure wish I had something to wash down that Grape Crush… wait! I’m in luck… mini doughnuts… whew!!! –BD

4:10PM – PGA Show – Scotty Cameron signing autographs -MY
4:06PM – PGA Show – Listened to Michael Breed talk putting, and I picked up his Putting Cyclops training aid. He signed it too. -MY
3:26PM – PGA Show – BandZorb… adheres to the inside of your visor or cap… absorbs makeup and sweat and keeps your headwear looking new! – BD
3:18PM – Command Central – It’s time to pick our Second Winner of a Dozen Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls….
Congratulations to Joe Mangine who has just won a dozen Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. Joe won for leaving a comment on our blog on Thursday, January 25th. You can win too! We are giving away a dozen Titleist Pro V1 golf balls EVERY day that we run live coverage of the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show. To enter, just leave a comment with your email address on this blog. You can enter up to 3 times each day! We’ll pick another winner tomorrow. Good luck! – Jennifer
3:10PM – PGA Show – Here’s Bill and Tom’s idea of a much needed break….Grape crush! -MK
3:04PM – PGA Show – Marlene taking a much needed break on a long day with a relaxing shoe shine -BD
2:37PM – PGA Show – Odyssey’s Flip Face Putter – One putter, two different faces, can’t get much better than that! -BD
2:35PM – PGA Show – Some of the newest ladies fashions from AHEAD… I wonder why I suddenly feel like some sherbet? -BD
2:16PM – PGA Show – You now find yourself in the RocketBallz “Speed Pocket”… next stop? 300 yards down the middle! -BD
2:07PM – Command Central – I’ve just uploaded a ton of new photos to our Flickr photoset of the 2012 PGA Show. Want to see all the photos in one convenient place? There are over 160 pictures! Click HERE! – Jennifer

2:06PM – PGA Show – Rocketballz anyone? -BD

2:02PM – PGA Show – PGA Champion Dave Stockton holding court while giving putting tips -TM

1:56PM – PGA Show – Is this a portal to outer space? No… just the amazing TaylorMade Adidas booth… let’s look inside -BD

1:52PM – PGA Show – The pic is a little blurry, but it says, “This is how I roll” – Life is Good -JK

1:52PM – PGA Show –The new Velocity Ball from Titleist -MY

1:51PM – PGA Show –Life is Good -JK

1:50PM – PGA Show –Life is Good -JK

1:48PM – PGA Show –Haggin Oaks Super Shop Manager, Marlene Kawaguchi, has a real passion for Life is Good. Do you think we should carry more in the shop?  -JK

1:47PM – PGA Show – New Callaway Hex Black Tour and Hex Chrome Golf Balls -BD

1:47PM – PGA Show –J.Lindeberg -JK

1:46PM – PGA Show –I wanna carry J.Lindeberg! Do you want to see that at Haggin Oaks??!!  -JK

1:44PM – PGA Show – Callaway RAZR XF irons… forgiveness and feel with a bold look.. -BD

1:42PM – PGA Show –Loudmouth jingle balls -JK (I think it is time we get Jenny out of the Loudmouth booth)

1:40PM – PGA Show –Loudmouth surfin Santa -JK

1:38PM – PGA Show –The new RZAR X Black from Callaway… crazy distance, no adjustments needed -BD

1:36PM – PGA Show –Callaway iron options are all on the truck -MY

1:36PM – PGA Show –Wow! The Callaway booth is spectacular this year! -BD

1:35PM – PGA Show –Jenny is sending us LOTS of updates on the Loudmouth prints. What do you think of this unique line? -JK

1:34PM – PGA Show –More Loudmouth prints -JK

1:34PM – PGA Show –Loudmouth -JK

1:33PM – PGA Show –Wonderful Haggin Oaks customer Edwin Dong gave me a mission on this trip. He is a proud Loud Mouth fan. Ed asked me to find him something louder than Loudmouth. ED, There is nothing as of yet louder than Loudmouth! Here are some wonderful new patterns they are coming out with… -JK

1:33PM – PGA Show –More from the Greg Norman Ladies fall line -JK

1:32PM – PGA Show –How the best players in the world customize their putters… the Odyssey Tour Van -BD

1:28PM – PGA Show –Greg Norman ladies dress. Do you like it? – JK

1:23PM – PGA Show –Sneak peak at the Greg Norman Ladies fall line – JK

1:18PM – PGA Show –Ogio Silencer bag– MY

1:07PM – PGA Show –Ian Poulter and Matt Young– JK

1:05PM – PGA Show –New men’s Adidas – JK

12:54PM – PGA Show –TaylorMade has a touchscreen to explain how the R11s club works. – MY

12:53PM – PGA Show –TaylorMade R11s driver – MY

12:53PM – PGA Show –Rocketballz!!!! – JK

12:49PM  PGA Show –RBZ tunnel – MY

12:47PM – PGA Show –TaylorMade’s ATV wedges – MY

12:46PM – PGA Show –Jenny in front of the TaylorMade, Adidas, Ashworth entrance – MY

12:45PM – PGA Show –TaylorMade’s R11 hitting bay – MY

12:45PM – PGA Show –TaylorMade’s RBZ hitting bay – MY
12:45PM – PGA Show –A video updating giving you an Insider’s look at the TaylorMade, Ashworth, Adidas booth. Simply put… Amazing! – MY

12:31PM – PGA Show – PGA Tour Player, Ian Poulter, signing autographs at his booth, Ian Poulter Designs. -EM
12:21PM – PGA Show – PGA Professional Tom Morton and Haggin Oaks Golf Complex is being recognized as a Top 100 Performer for Play Golf America programs out of 1900 sites -TM
12:04PM – PGA Show – The new Golf Buddy “Voice” GPS… small, preloaded and no reading yardages necessary. Now is your chance to “hear” what you’ve been missing. -BD
12:00PM – PGA Show – Now this is a booth! 30,000 sq. ft filled with Adidas,Ashworth, and TaylorMade. It’s very impressive. You even walk through a tunnel with changing lights to get in -MK
11:55AM – PGA Show – Here’s another view from above to give you a scope of the size of this show -TM
11:52AM – PGA Show – You need to try these moisture-wicking, performance socks from Swiftwick… its advanced equipment for your feet! You’ll never wear cotton socks again! -BD
11:49AM – PGA Show – View from above at the PGA Show -TM
11:49AM – PGA Show – More junior apparel for those future golf pros -MY
11:39AM – PGA Show – Here is a sampling of the bold colors in men’s apparel for Fall 2012. -EM
11:29AM – PGA Show – Look for the new line of YES! putters to be a hit… – BD
11:27AM – PGA Show – Honest shirts for the bogey golfer from Bogey Pro T-Shirts – MY
11:26AM – PGA Show – Sport Haley is launching it’s first men’s fall line “Haley Signature” – MK
11:24AM – PGA Show – For the littlest golfer – MY
11:22AM – PGA Show – We’ve been seeing lots of color, but I’m excited to see some brown fashion. A lot of ladies wear brown like some do black – MK
11:17AM – PGA Show – The great Nancy Lopez, gracious as ever, poses for a picture during an autograph signing – BD
11:07AM – PGA Show – New Video from inside the Callaway Odyssey Experience: This place is huge and includes a lounge in the center where buyers discuss orders and see new product. – MY

11:07AM – PGA Show – Whoa! Look at the Odyssey truck… – MY
11:04AM – PGA Show – Need some feedback here. Do you like this? Wind sweater, acrylic/cotton, print in collar and same print on an elbow patch. Would retail for $160. – MK
10:59AM – PGA Show – The Travis Matthew truck – MY
10:50AM – PGA Show – Customize and accessorize with color like never before with SWITCH Belt… somebody’s already excited… – BD
10:43AM – PGA Show – Marlene, Erin, and Jenny are looking at the Abacus line for fall. So far we’ve only seen the ladies and we ladies love it! – MK
10:43AM – PGA Show – A sample of ladies Abacus – MK
10:41AM – PGA Show – Now you can make your favorite or most comfortable pair of shoes your golf shoes with Insta Golf… strap on spikes! Great for travelling... – BD
10:37AM – PGA Show – Nancy Lopez signing autographs for the crowd – MY
10:23AM – PGA Show – How about battery powered, heated, waterproof raingear? Keeps you warm and dry for your entire round. – BD
10:12AM – PGA Show – Beautiful, colorful, Abacus golf and lifestyle apparel – JK
9:44AM – PGA Show – Picked up an autographed piece from Taylor Swift for our upcoming children’s charity concert, Golf and Guitars – KMJ
9:07AM – PGA Show – We are meeting with Skycaddie this morning. We are always doing our best to keep up with technology. – MK
7:27AM – PGA Show – Ian Poulter Limited Edition Shoes – MY

Thursday, January 26, 2012 
The official start of the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show


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