Live Coverage from the 2012 PGA Show in Orlando, Florida

The team from Morton Golf is back in Orlando this week for the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show. Nearly 1000 vendors will be on the showroom floor and our team will be on hand to shop the newest trends and find the best cutting-edge gear in the golf industry. This is YOUR chance to get an insider’s look at the showroom floor as we update this blog throughout the week with exclusive photos, commentary, celebrity encounters, video snippets and more!

We want to hear from you! Leave your questions and comments for our team and we’ll get you the answers you need! Do you like what you see? Do you want us to find something specific on the showroom floor? Give us your feedback!

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Meet the team! 
Ken Morton, Sr. (KMS)- Morton Golf CEO and Haggin Oaks Director of Golf
Ken Morton, Jr. (KMJ)- Morton Golf VP of Retail  Marketing
Tom Morton (TM)- PGA Director of Player Performance for Morton Golf
Bill Dixon (BD)- Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop Store Manager
Marlene Kawaguchi (MK)- Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop Store Manager
Mike Pompei (MP)- Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop Accessory & Glove Buyer
Erin Morton (EM)- Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop Apparel & Footwear Buyer
Frank LaRosa (FL)- Morton Golf Advertising/Marketing Consultant 
Jenny Koplin (JK)- Sales Associate at Haggin Oaks 
Matt Young (MY) – Teaching Professional at Haggin Oaks
Don Pottle (DP) – Teaching Professional at Haggin Oaks

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Friday, January 27, 2012
We’ve moved, but we’re still updating our blog LIVE!
Thursday, January 26, 2012
The official start of the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show

9:16PM – It’s Frank’s birthday… again… Every year, it is a running joke with the Morton Golf team to surprise Frank LaRosa with a birthday treat… every… single… night… during our trip back to the PGA show. The best part is that this is nowhere near Frank’s birthday. -MY
8:40PM – Watching Bill’s cholesterol rise as we eat…. -MY
8:25PM – Two special guests for dinner tonight, Brian and Mike Gillette. -MK
7:02PM – PUMA VIP Party – Jenny and Anna at PUMA -MY
5:50PM – 100 Best Presentation – Page 27 in Golf World magazine feature article talks about Haggin Oaks impressive streak on being on the top 100 list. -MK
5:40PM – PGA Show – The team is entering the. Golf world golf digest top 100 golf shops awards presentation where we will be awarded our 27th award…only one of two shops that can boast this honor  – TM
5:19PM – PGA Show – Johnny Damon, beautiful! – JK
4:47PM – Command Center – I’ve just uploaded another 42 pictures to our Flickr account for th 2012 PGA Show. Click HERE to check them out!

4:41PM – PUMA VIP Party-  Proving that Matt is the ultimate PUMA fan! Enjoy this video of him going down the slide during the PUMA VIP party. -MY

4:37PM – PUMA Party – Here’s another angle showing Matt getting his Cobra PUMA groove on! -EM

4:37PM – PUMA Party – PUMA can rock the house during the Puma VIP Party. – MK

4:31PM – PGA Show – Marlene with Lexi Thompson – MK
4:24PM – PGA Show – Maybe my boss will buy me this car if we have a really big increase in softgoods this year! :-). Come shop at Haggin Oaks! – EM
4:20PM Matt, Jenny and Marlene in the PUMA booth with Blair O’Neal. – MK
3:56PM – PGA Show – Women fashion looks great. Fun colors, playful, playable – MK
3:50PM – PGA Show – Here’s a close-up of one of the new Callaway forged wedges. – TM
3:49PM – PGA Show – Showing off the new Puma fashion collection. Notice the boy on stage. Puma introducing junior apparel!!! – MK
3:48PM – PGA Show – The new Callaway Forged wedges – TM
3:45PM – PGA Show – The PUMA Fashion Show: The Men’s fall line – MY
3:40PM – PGA Show – The PUMA Fashion Show: It’s go time!! Orange out!! Get AMPed!! – MY
3:32PM – PGA Show – Ship Sticks- Let them ship your clubs safely to your vacation spot for less than the baggage fees on the airlines… -BD
3:01PM – PGA Show – New prints from Loudmouth! The most fun you can have with your pants on! – EM
2:54PM – PGA Show – It’s a “Cinderella Story” here at Bushwood… – BD
2:33PM – PGA Show – Flavor Flavor sighting – KMJ
2:32PM – PGA Show – Here’s a shot of Michael Breed on the PGA Stage – MY
2:29PM – PGA Show – Booth Shots – Here is a shot of the Cobra PUMA booth at the show. – MY
2:29PM – PGA Show – Booth Shots – Who wants to see the Titleist booth? – MY
2:29PM – PGA Show – Booth Shots – Here is the FootJoy Booth – MY
2:17PM – PGA Show – Celebrity Siting: David Leadbetter – MY
2:16PM – PGA Show – I thought I better send this to everyone before it was sent to me with the question, “When did Bill pose for this statue?” – BD
2:13PM – PGA Show – Straight Down, cont. Here’s a sample of their beautiful line. – MK
2:12PM – PGA Show – Straight Down has a super cool booth. Looking at the fall line with Erin Morton and Jenny Koplin – MK
2:06PM – PGA Show – Our Nivo rep asked Jenny Koplin to be our “fit model” during our time previewing the line. She loves it! – MY
2:01PM – PGA Show – Tour Striker driver – MY
1:59PM – PGA Show – New swing analyzer that attaches to any club. Sends info to your phone, compares swing data, and shows you swing shape. – MY
1:55PM – PGA Show – Ecco yak skin freddie shoes – MY
1:51PM – PGA Show – Hey Peanuts fans… with these LUcy and Charlie Brown covers securely over your clubs, she won’t be able to pull that football away! – BD
1:51PM – PGA Show – Congratulations to our own Tom Morton who was chosen by U.S. Kids Golf as a Top 50 Master Kids Teacher. Woohoo!!! – KMJ
1:39PM – PGA Show – Here is the second video from Matt showing us the PUMA booth… A slide??? – MY

1:39PM – PGA Show – Matt Young from Morton Golf gives you an Insider’s look at the PUMA booth during the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show with this video. -MY 

1:04PM – PGA Show – Matt with Lexi Thompson, LPGA Tour Player and Major winner… the future… -MY
12:45PM – PGA Show – Our own Ken Morton, Jr. recognized in the New Product Zone Judging Panel. -KMJ
12:41PM – PGA Show – New shoe from a company called Lamda -KMJ
12:27PM – PGA Show –Playing golf at night is a blast! Night Flyer golf has everything you need. -BD
12:18PM – PGA Show –Your “Dawgs” won’t be barking after a round in these comfy shoes. -BD
12:12PM – PGA Show – A tee that changes colors in the sunlight so you can’t lose them? What will they think of next? – BD
12:01PM – PGA Show – The latest and greatest from Bushnell… the Pro 1M… with vivid display technology and power boost. -BD
11:51AM –  The Command Center – I’ve just uploaded all of the photos that I’ve posted thus far back onto our Flickr page. Click HERE to watch a slideshow or to see any of our photos in a larger size. – JM

11:49AM – PGA Show – Check out this “mountain top view” from inside the PGA Show in this video shot by Erin Morton. – EM

11:48AM – How much would you pay for a look like this? – MK

11:46AM – The new Exotic Xtreme Forged iron from Tour Edge Golf – BD

11:38AM – Kids tee holders…plus tees that change color in the light. – MK

11:31AM – Mike gets his picture taken with Christina Kim who is at the PGA Show promoting her book, Swinging from My Heels. – MP

11:29AM – Want to hit it straighter off the tee than ever before? Get the new Polara XD and XDS golf balls. – BD

11:19AM – Another look at the new Oakley Cipher Golf Shoe with Nano Spike Technology… very cool! They’re ultralight… only 260 grams… a typical golf shoe weighs 350-500 grams – BD

11:10AM – New colors, styles and measurements from U.S. Kids Golf – BD

11:05AM – For all you girls out there!!! They have this and more -MK

11:02AM – PGA Tour Star Brad Faxon giving putting instruction. -TM

11:01AM – PGA Show – Travis Mathew is making a big statement at the show with this huge Motorbus! The view from the top is incredible. – EM
10:58AM – PGA Show – There are a lot of colorful belts here at the PGA Show! – EM
10:50AM – PGA Show – The newest offerings from IOmic Grips – including the sticky mid and jumbo – BD
Our First Winner of a Dozen Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls….
Congratulations to Lance Kulman who is our first winner of a dozen Titleist Pro V1 golf balls.
Lance won for leaving a comment on our blog on Wednesday, January 25th. You can win too! We are giving away a dozen Titleist Pro V1 golf balls EVERY day that we run live coverage of the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show. To enter, just leave a comment with your email address on this blog. You can enter up to 3 times each day! We’ll pick another winner tomorrow. Good luck!
10:49AM – Pronounced noon. Does all the things Gatorade does but without the sugar. We already carry this at Haggin, but I just tasted it for the first time. Really light and yummy. -MK
10:38AM – Why pass up the opportunity to make the comparison once, when we can do it again? Is that Matt Young or Rickie Fowler covering the show for Morton Golf today? -JK
10:38AM – Jenny was also denied access to Ken Morton, Sr.’s PGA education talk. -MY
10:37AM – Loudmouth suit, anyone? -JK
10:37AM – Matt and I thought we would attend a seminar by Ken Morton, Sr., but we were denied access! -JK
10:26AM – LPGA Star Christina Kim doing an interview. -TM
10:17AM – PGA Show – Where’s Matt Young? I seem to have lost him in the PUMA booth. -MK 
10:03AM – Ken Morton, Jr.’s dream golf bag… personalize your bag with your favorite NFL team… – BD 

9:51AM – PGA Show – Matt Young gives the new “Circle of Trust” putting trainer a try… small and effective. -BD

9:44AM – PGA Show – What’s old is new… “Putterwood” putters -BD 

 9:44AM – PGA Show – SG Putterwood Putters – 450 years of successful design with 21st century technology. -BD

9:40AM – PGA Show – New Mercedes AMG forged irons. -KMJ 

9:24AM – PGA Show – “PX3 Custom Mouthwear – Become Greater -> Than you ever thought possible. No matter what your sport, or level of competition, you can achieve superior performance with the most scientifically advanced mouthguard ever created. Advanced research and development is behind every PX3 product and procedure.” Developed by doctors, PX3 custom mouthwear will align your jaw for superior performance. -BD

9:24AM – PGA Show – New TRUE Linkswear phx shoes for $99. Barefoot Platform concept. Most comfortable shoes ever!! -EM

9:24AM – PGA Show – Nike Display -MY

9:21AM – PGA Show – Butch Harmon and Scotty Cameron just hanging out -MY

9:15AM – PGA Show – New Bridgestone BX-330 golf balls coming this spring. -KMJ 

9:07AM – PGA Show – New Titleist Velocity golf balls – “fast speed for explosive distance” – BD

9:02AM – PGA Show – Is your new pair of Foot-Joys shown here? -KMJ

8:58AM – PGA Show – “Orange” you excited about the new Cobra AMP? -BD

8:56AM – PGA Show – Check out the indoor driving range at the show. -MY

8:49AM – PGA Show – PUMA gear -MY

8:49AM – PGA Show – PUMA gear –MY

8:49AM – PGA Show – PUMA gear –MY

8:38AM – PGA Show – Will the real Rickie Fowler please stand up? – BD

8:38AM – PGA Show – Here’s a first glance of the PGA Show as seen by Matt Young when he walked in the doors… -MY 

8:33AM – PGA Show – Jack Nicklaus talking about the new golf initiative called Golf 2.0. Growing the game with friends, family, and an emphasis on FUN -MK
8:22AM – PGA Show – Matt Young shot a snippet of video of the concert by Julie Roberts to share with out readers. Wish you were here! -MY

8:17AM – PGA Show – Rickie enjoying the show. -JK
8:13AM – PGA Show – Julie Roberts was twice nominated for CMA and ACM’s Best New Female artist and has recently released her albums “Alive” and “Who Needs Mistletoe” to rave reviews. -MK
8:11AM – PGA Show – Opening Ceremonies feature Jack Nicklaus, Ken Griffey, Jr. and Country Music Recording Artist Julie Roberts. – KMJ
8:10AM – PGA Show – Julie Roberts kickin’ off the show with country music.-MK
8:10AM – PGA Show – Julie Roberts on stage at the start of the show. It is a party here today.. -MY
7:52AM – Breakfast – The most important meal of the day! – MY
Wednesday, January 25, 2012
The PGA Merchandise Show kicks off Thursday morning at 8:30am with a keynote by Jack Nicklaus. Today, our team will be at the official demo day as well as the Association of Golf Merchandisers show. You can look forward to lots of updates today as we bring you sneak peaks and insider insights from Orlando!
Want to see larger photos of everything we’ve taken so far? Click HERE to watch a slideshow of all our 2012 PGA Merchandise Show photos on Flickr.
11:07PM Fun times at Miller’s Ale House with Bill Dixon and Matt Young. – JK
10:05PM Haggin oaks team member Don Pottle marches to the beat of his own drum. – MY
9:27PM Dinner with Country Recording Star, Julie Roberts – Nashville recording artist, Julie Roberts is in town for the PGA Show and had dinner with our team from Morton Golf. Julie’s new critically acclaimed album, Alive, is available now. We got to know Julie when she came out to Sacramento in 2011 for Golf and Guitars, our annual children’s charity golf tournament and concert. – KMJ
9:09PM –  The Convention Center awaits… The 2012 PGA Merchandise Show starts tomorrow! – MY
6:48PM – AGM Product Preview Party – Yes! Putters are back – MY
6:32PM – AGM Product Preview Party – The world’s best socks – Kentwool golf socks – MY

 6:30PM Demo Day – 1 of 2 – Two pictures to show here of the new Odyssey DART color, metal face insert. – MY

6:30PM – Demo Day – 2 or 2 – Here is the second picture of the Odyssey DART – MY

6:26PM – AGM Conference – Marlene Kawaguchi and Bill Dixon. Just finished a day of AGM seminars. – MK

6:15PM AGM Product Preview Party – The Kartel clothing line – MY

6:13PM AGM Product Preview Party – Rickie Fowler staff bag by Cobra – MY

5:31PM – AGM Product Preview Party – New abacus apparel for fall 2012 – KMJ
5:26PM – AGM Product Preview Party – 95 vendors at the Association of Golf Merchandisers Product Preview Party – KMJ
5:08PM – Demo Day – Frank LaRosa reports on the Demo Day for the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show at the Orange County National Golf Course. This golf course boasts 54 holes and the largest driving range Frank has ever seen. It is a 360 degree range – absolutely unbelievable! Nike, Cobra, PUMA, Callaway – they are all at today’s demo day! – FL

4:59PM – Marlene Kawaguchi and Jenny Koplin at a little restaurant in Orlando. – MK
2:39PM – Demo Day – Callaway’s Razr X Black Driver – MY
2:39PM – Demo Day – Callaway’s Razr Fit Driver – MY
2:19PM – AGM Conference – Ken Morton, Jr. is honored as a member of the AGM Hall of Fame, awarded to past presidents of The Association of Golf Merchandisers. – KMJ  

2:04PM – Demo Day – Tom snaps a picture of the Flip Face putter from Odyssey featuring a soft insert and a hard insert. This is the hard face. What do you think of this new putter introduction?  – TM

2:03PM – Demo Day – New Odyssey Flip Face putter…one putter…two faces…soft and firm – TM 

1:53PM – Demo Day – Pictures of the Cleveland forged irons. – MY 

1:39PM – Demo Day – Want to stand out from the crowd? Check out these Driver Skins – MY 

1:35PM – Demo Day – Driver skins! – MY

12:26 PM – Demo Day – It’s a rough life here in Orlando. Here is the Matt’s lunch time view from today’s demo day. – MY 
12:05PM – Demo Day – Amp up your driver. Go Orange. -MY
11:59 AM – Demo Day – Cobra amp forged irons. -MY
11:55 AM – Demo Day –  Matt Young with his people in front of the Cobra PUMA Cube.  -TM

11:53AM – Demo Day – Here’s a quick look at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show’s Annual Demo Day held on January 25, 2012 brought to us by Frank LaRosa with ESPN Radio 1320’s Golf to Go. Check the volume on your speakers, because it is pretty windy out on the range! ALL of the newest equipment is here to be held, touched and hit by golf professionals around the country… and the world! What are you looking forward to seeing the most? – FL

11:52AM – Demo Day – Matt Young sends us a quick video from the Cobra PUMA area. -MY

11:38AM – Demo Day – Check out the new Golf Pride Z Grip. “Feels real good,” according to Matt Young. -MY

11:33AM – Demo Day – Here’s a shot of the new forged irons from Tour Edge. -MY 

11:27AM – Demo Day – Have you hit the newest offerings from PING yet? Here’s the PING i20. -MY

11:23AM – Demo Day – Matt captured a picture of Mizuno’s MP650 Drivers. -MY

11:08AM – Demo Day – Px3 mouth guards for golf?? -MY

11:07AM – Demo Day – TaylorMade’s RBZ Driver – MY 

11:06AM – Demo Day – Check out these lines to demo the new TaylorMade products – MY 

10:48AM – Demo Day – Which driver will you hit this year? – MY 

10:33AM – Demo Day – Buzz is high on the new Nike Golf VRS products coming February 3rd…look for a speed trial at Haggin Oaks soon to see how much faster these clubs are than your own. -TM

10:26AM – Demo Day – The pictures are coming fast and furious! Here’s a shot of Nike’s VRS driver. -MY

10:26AM – Demo Day – Check out the new Nike VRS irons! – MY

10:15AM – Demo Day – New White Smoke putter line from TaylorMade – MY

10:09AM – Demo Day – New TaylorMade Belly Putters at the Demo Day – TM

10:08AM – Demo Day – The TaylorMade Manta Mallet Putters – MY

10:07AM – Demo Day – NEW TaylorMade Ghost Tour Putters – TM

10:03AM – Demo Day – Tour Striker – New 7x pro, harder to hit smaller sweet spot, and new driver – MY

10:02AM – Demo Day – New sole and spike design on these Oakley shoes. – TM

9:57AM – Demo Day – Brand new Oakley golf shoes coming in 2012…will be worn by 2011 US Open winner Rory McIlroy – TM

9:55AM – Demo Day – Oakley Lightweight golf shoes, feature the lightest performance golf shoe with Nano spike technology – MY

9:33AM AGM Conference – Our own Ken Morton, Jr., outgoing President for The Association of Golf Merchandisers, addresses the crowd at the AGM conference. -MP

8:49AM – Demo Day – The 2012 PGA Merchandise Show may officially start tomorrow, but the Convention Center is here to welcome our team today! – MY

Tuesday, January 24, 2012
The team flew out today from Sacramento to Orlando. We have 12 staff members from Morton Golf shopping the show and providing live coverage throughout the event!
10:28 PM First Drinks! Matt Young sends this picture showing a few members of the team relaxing now that everyone has settled into Orlando. –MY
10:18 PM NIKE Golf Event, cont. Tom and Erin sent this picture from the Nike event they attended earlier in the evening. Pictured left to right: Ken Griffey, Jr., Suzanne Petterson, Nike Golf President Cyndi Davis, Sterling Sharpe  -TM
7:32 PM NIKE Golf Event: Tom and Erin Morton attending a Nike Golf event launching the revolutionary new NIKE Vrs product…on stage is LPGA star Suzanne Petterson, NFL star Sterling Sharpe and MLB superstar Ken Griffey Jr. – TM
6:28 AM Sacramento time (3:28 AM Orlando time) Orlando or Bust! Our team of 12 from Morton Golf starts arriving at the airport. Pictured from left to right: Matt Young, Jenny Koplin, Erin Morton, Tom Morton, Marlene Kawaguchi, Bill Dixon, Don Pottle – KMJ


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