New Arrivals at Haggin Oaks with Brett Parks

Introducing: Love. Fashion. Fun. A Monthly Blog featuring the Hottest Fashion Groups for Men and Women at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop with Brett Parks, Apparel Stylist

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My name is Brett Parks and I’m an Apparel Stylist and Personal Shopper for Morton Golf at Haggin Oaks. I’m an aspiring fashion designer with a degree in Apparel Design. I was born in New Jersey and grew up in Wisconsin before moving out to California to pursue my dream in fashion design. I love being creative and applying my design skills when styling. I am pleased to start sharing my picks for the best new items inside the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop. Give me a call at 916-808-2526 and let me help you find the right outfit for your next outing. Here’s my picks for this month!

Ladies Fashion GroupsNew Groups for Ladies from Nike, Kate Lord and Puma

I am so excited about what is coming into the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop. Some of my favorite groups this month are from Kate Lord, Nike, and Puma. The colors are so bright and ready for spring. The prints in Kate Lord are my favorite in the shop right now, so you really need to come in and see this group. Nike and Puma have very beautiful shades of purple and blue and we all know that these brands have awesome prints. These are not the only new groups we have in the store. It is the season for bright colors and new brands. Oh Yeah… if you ladies love your dresses, then they are starting to roll in quick. So don’t wait, come in and get ready for the warmer weather with a beautiful new look. Call me at 916-808-2526 and I can pull your size and have it ready when you come in.

MastersPackAttention Gentlemen!  Just in Time for The Masters in Augusta – the Masters Pack brought to you by Puma.

To all the men out there that like to dress to the 9’s, we have a lot of great looks for you on the floor right now. My favorites are the new Masters Packs from Travis Mathew and Puma. Puma has not only a shirt but the whole outfit from head to toe. Travis Mathew has a lot for you to choose from in their Masters Pack too, including one shirt in particular that I feel is perfect. It is a print featuring green and gold but you need to come in for me to show you the actual print. I promise that you will love it…..See you soon!

See a product you have to have? Call Brett at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop at 916-808-2526 or email her directly at

Join us each month for the newest edition of Love. Fashion. Fun. by Brett Parks.

Article written by Danielle Thompson, Marketing Team Member and Social Creator for Morton Golf. Danielle can be reached at and appreciates your comments.

Haggin Oaks is located at 3645 Fulton Ave in Sacramento, CA.

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