Junior FootGolf Play League at Haggin Oaks Starts June 7

Footgolf_HagginOaks_logoCome join the Junior FootGolf Play League at Haggin Oaks…the newest innovation in golf!  

If your junior is an avid golfer, soccer player or is simply looking for another form of fun this summer, then this is the ideal play league for your young athlete.   FootGolf is a sport in which participants are learning the rules and etiquette of golf, but also have the opportunity to work on balance, rotation and hand-eye coordination, which will develop athleticism for all sports.  Our group will play 18 holes weekly on Saturday afternoons (June 7th thru August 9th *skipping July 5th), starting at about 4:00 PM.  The cost for the program is $109.95, which includes all green fees, a collared shirt and hat.

This program is ideal for juniors age 7 to 17. For questions, please call the Haggin Oaks Appointment Office at 916-808-2531.

FootGolf_jrWhat is FootGolf?
To play FootGolf, athletes use soccer balls on a traditional golf course with 21-inch diameter cups. The rules largely correspond to the rules of golf. The Haggin Oaks FootGolf Course has 18 holes built within the front nine of the Arcade Creek Golf Course at Haggin Oaks.

FootGolf uses golf’s basic model including tee boxes, greens, bunkers, hazards and 18 holes of play. Scorecards display par scores for each hole as in regular golf. Holes are roughly half the distance of a regular golf hole. While the soccer ball doesn’t travel as far in the air as a golf ball, it will roll much farther in the fairways.

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