Job Opening for Special Event Sales Director



Special Event Sales Director at Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course
The position of Special Events Sales Director at the Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course is to generate revenues, oversees the strategy and planning of each special event, explores new revenue generating opportunities and to present new ideas and concepts to achieve the annual budget. This position is responsible for making sure the Morton Golf core purpose, vision, mission, customer service standards, core values and management principles are perceived by staff, vendors, the City and customers to be the business culture of Bartley Cavanaugh.


Effectively communicates with the General Manager at Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course and the Morton Golf Special Event Sales Director, customers, employees, vendors and Associates of the City of Sacramento

  • Is the public relations face for Bartley Cavanaugh Special Events.
  • Develops and receives approval from the General Manager for the annual budget of the Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Facility.
  • Administers all daily catering operations to successfully generate the revenues and control of expenses of the annual budget.
  • Responsible for Account management, Sales prospecting and business development for sales goals.
  • Take clientele through entire sales process, convert prospective clientele into committed customer thru onsite visit meeting property tour and proactive communication
  • Coordinate detailing of special events and development and distribution of communications related to planning and execution.
  • Maintains Bartley Cavanaugh Catering Sales goals Worksheet as well as actively updating of the special event Calendar of events.
  • Provide a summary analysis of past/future events.
  • Receives and responds to all emails, phone calls and any other communication related to Special events in a timely manner.
  • Can act and perform under stressful situations to achieve the clientele visions and Morton Golf, LLC service standards.
  • Actively participates in updating Bartley Cavanaugh social media including Facebook, website, Instagram and other social media outlets.

HOURLY RATE RANGE: Base salary plus commission-depending on experience

  • ADDITIONAL EMPLOYEE DISCOUNTS – as per Morton Golf Employee Handbook.

To apply for the position above, please send application/resume by the following method:


  • BY E-MAIL –

As a condition of employment, employees are required to take and pass a drug test paid for by Morton Golf and sign a drug-free workplace agreement.

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