Is Your Headcover Doing More Than Protecting Your Clubs?

Every driver on the market these days comes with its own headcover. From Titleist, to Cobra, to PING, TaylorMade, Callaway and more – your golf bag is a silent seller for most golf club manufacturers.

How many of you have ditched the corporate sponsorship and are using a custom or original headcover instead? Better yet, what does your headcover say about you?

Do headcovers do any good?
I know that back in the day of persimmon woods, headcovers were a must! They protected soft clubheads from getting banged around. Do any of you remember the whipping that secured the hosel to the shaft? That stayed protected too.

In today’s world of metal “woods”, does anyone really need a headcover anymore? I say, YES! Who wants to see their $300+ latest-and-greatest driver all banged up with paint chips? Headcovers today also protect expensive graphite shafts. You don’t want your irons hitting your woods and chipping away at the integrity of the golf shaft. Yikes!

We want to hear from you. Everyone knows Tiger Woods has his famous “tiger” headcover and the connection is more than a little obvious. But what about you? What do you use and why? Leave your response in a comment below.

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