Introducing M:Project From FootJoy

Minimal construction = maximum feel

FootJoy M:Project(Fairhaven, MA) — FootJoy, the #1 Shoe in Golf, announces the introduction of an all new footwear category called M:PROJECT™. With a tremendous selection of industry-leading platform stability products already embraced by players around the world, FJ’s new M:PROJECT category gives players a new option – lightweight, ultra-flexible, minimally constructed footwear delivering maximum feel and real-time feedback.

“At FJ we believe that there is no single shoe that is best suited for every type of player which is why the Footwear team develops products with specific types of players in mind.” said Mike Foley, Director of Marketing, Footwear.

“The M:PROJECT is the perfect extension to FJ’s performance lineup. This new category targets players seeking lower profile, minimalist-type footwear. Not only does the player get a better sense of the ground beneath them, they also are more tuned-in to the movement of their lower half throughout the swing.”

Doug Robinson, Vice President of Footwear Design & Development Worldwide and his team have tested thousands of players from elite Tour professionals to amateurs at the state-of-the-art Brockton based Shoe Box testing facility. Working in conjunction with Dr Greg Rose at TPI, their respective teams have observed a segment of players who require more movement in their feet in order to create the proper ground force reactions in their golf swing.

According to Dr. Rose, “M:PROJECT is designed for the golfer to increase the movement, to feel the ground and sense things underfoot they could not before. With each step you take you start creating more mobility, which teaches you how to create more power in your golf swing. ”

Features and Benefits:

  • M:SPEC™ leather by Pittards® – thin-yet-strong specification, supple and comfortable feel
  • MP:627 Last – generous forefoot shape allowing the toes to spread and grip
  • ProTect™ toe guard – designed to provide abrasion resistance in a high wear area
  • L.T.D Outsole – Laser Thin Duramax™ acts as a low profile, highly flexible conduit from ground to feet.
  • P.I.N.S™ System – thinner spec receptacles and cleats deliver low profile performance
  • Stealth™ Cleat by Softspikes® – dynamic, low profile design, exclusive to the M:Project category
  • High Performance Mesh – lightweight, breathable, comfortable
  • Two year waterproof warranty – bother leather and mesh styles will offer a limited two warranty

M:PROJECT is available in ten style options, five cleated and five spikeless. All cleated options feature the exclusive M:SPEC leather. Including one featuring the BOA® Closure system™. Three of the five spikeless models are offered with high performance mesh upper construction.

MSRP: $145.00 for Cleated Leather, $165.00 for Cleated Leather with BOA, and $135.00 for all spikeless models.

For additional information on M:PROJECT and to hear from the product development team about the research and inspiration behind the shoe please visit:

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