History of Club-Fitting at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex

Over the 88 years since its opening in 1932, Haggin Oaks has always been considered a leader in fitting golf equipment.

Ken Morton, Sr.
Ken Morton, Sr.

Today’s post is written by guest Ken Morton, Sr., who is the CEO of Morton Golf. He is a PGA Master Professional who has been inducted into The National PGA Hall of Fame, California Golf Hall of Fame, Northern California PGA Hall of Fame, and Sacramento City College Hall of Fame among many other achievements during his illustrious career that has expanded over 60+ years in the golf industry.

Inside the Player Performance Studio at Haggin Oaks
Inside the Player Performance Studio at Haggin Oaks

Up until the mid-1990s, club fitting was either the customer trying out the latest equipment through trial and error or the Golf Professional personally observing a golfer’s swing and playing ability and then recommending, based on the hitting results on the driving range, what the professional believed to be the best brand and best specifications for the golfer.

In the early 1990s club fitting became more sophisticated as manufacturers began customizing head shapes, new head materials, shaft types, shaft flexes, lie angles, lengths, weights, grip types, and grip sizes, etc…

In 1995, Morton Golf made a serious decision regarding club fitting that moved the company to quickly become one of the leading club-fitting companies in America.

Morton Golf found the finest club fitting expert in the world and began sending their golf professionals there for a week-long training in order for the team to come back and provide their newfound expertise for proper club-fitting.

Haggin Oaks and Morton Golf quickly changed its golf equipment club fitting model from stock everyday specifications to providing custom made equipment hand-built by the manufacturers for the same pricing as its competitors sold the stock off the wall equipment.

Then, at the turn of the millennium, expensive technology including the Trackman that you see shown on televised PGA Tour events today became available. A TrackMan tracks ball flight and will confirm technologically – the distance, ball flight launch angles, spin rates, flight patterns, clubhead speed, ball speed, and a long list of technical information that can help fit golf equipment.


Morton Golf invested in Trackman Technology, becoming one of the first independent golf retailers to purchase and to have each of its golf professionals trained on how to use technology to maximize the right specifications for each and every golfing customer who goes through a TrackMan club-fitting experience.

Technology is a game-changer because there is little guesswork when the golf professional has customers trying out different brands and different specifications until the technology proves out the best results. The facts and figures don’t lie.

Today, Morton Golf and Haggin Oaks continue to be one of the 100 Best Club Fitting Companies in America because we send each of our golf professionals to the manufacturers’ equipment testing centers to be trained by the same people who fit the PGA and LPGA Tour Professionals. Morton Golf invests in their staff to provide the best experience for their customers.

In other words, the professional staff at Morton Golf offers a similar fitting experience to the one a Tour professional receives from the manufacturer they represent on a pro-Tour. The same technology is used and the staff is frequently trained at the same facilities.

Morton Golf proudly provides through vendor-partnerships the most highly trained golf professionals, the latest fitting processes and techniques, and the most modern technology to ensure customers receive the best custom fitted equipment for them that is available.

And yes, Morton Golf continues to not upcharge for a great deal of custom-fitted equipment, unlike many competitors. The only upcharges are for exotic golf shafts and for components manufacturers do not keep in stock.

What separates Haggin Oaks and Morton Golf from the competition?

The biggest differences are the highly trained staff, the latest and most expensive club fitting technology, and Morton Golf still sells custom fitted golf equipment at the same price as in-stock sets.

If you are interested in new golf equipment, then choose Haggin Oaks and Morton Golf where you will be fit by the best experts, with the latest technology, and for the same prices you would pay for off the rack stock equipment! Quality, service, and technology – always the first priorities when providing the best customer exeprience.

There is a nominal fitting fee for the expertise of our highly trained staff, but results are guaranteed.

Ready to schedule your personalized club fitting? Call the Golf Concierge at (916) 808-2531 to schedule a fitting in the Player Performance Studio

The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop and Player Performance Studio is located at 3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, CA.


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