Haggin Oaks Offers Speed Golf on Sunday Mornings

Speed Golf is an exciting new sport that combines running with golf.  We invite you to join the 2014 Speed Golf League at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex. It is open to all skill levels

SpeedGolfJoin us on Sunday mornings at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex. As a Speedgolfer, you’re the first golfer on the course and you’ll tee off right before sunrise! Play 18-holes on the MacKenzie Golf Course or 9-holes on the Arcade Creek Golf Course. We have special rates for Speedgolfers! It is only $10 to play 9-holes of Speed Golf on the Arcade Creek Golf Course and $20 for 18-holes on the MacKenzie Golf Course! Advance reservations are requested, but not required. Call 916-808-2525 to reserve your next tee time for Sunday.

Speedgolfers usually play in singles with the fastest player playing first and the slowest player playing last. However, speedgolfers can certainly play in twosomes, threesomes or foursomes if they prefer! The top speedgolfers can finish eighteen holes in 50 minutes (nine holes in 25 minutes!) This is definitely a great way to start your day with a quick round of golf and still have the entire day ahead of you!

How do you score your round? It is different than a typical round of golf! Your Speed Golf score is your golf score + your time.  For example:

  • Golf score = 78
  • Time = 78
  • Speedgolf score = 156

Insider’s Tip! Most speedgolfers will only carry 6 clubs and a very light bag on their round!

For more information on Speedgolf, visit: www.speedgolfinternational.com

Ready to play? Book your tee time by calling the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex at 916-808-2525. We have tee times available this Sunday! The 2014 Speedgolf League at Haggin Oaks runs from April through November!

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