Haggin Oaks Group Lesson Schedules

We offer many group options to fit the time you have available and your budget!

Haggin Oaks has implemented the Northern California Institute of Golf Program which is committed to bringing excellence to the long-term development of golfers who go through the various stages of the program. While we teach the techniques of playing golf, we also coach to inspire, motivate and perpetuate love and passion for the game.

In order to make progress on what you learn in class, you need solid facilities where you can practice. The Haggin Oaks Golf Complex offers night-lighted hitting stations on our driving range, practice putting greens as well as short game areas called the Academy Holes where you can work on your chipping and pitching.

We have compiled a list of group lessons offered at Haggin Oaks, take a look and find the program that’s right for you!

New 2 Golf:

The New2Golf program is designed to introduce brand new golfers to the FUNdamentals of golf. Golf can be intimidating.

This program removes any barriers keeping a potential golfer from joining this great sport. Participants are introduced to a golf facility, etiquette, rules, booking tee times, how golf is played, selection of equipment, and basic, simple instruction to put the golfer on the path to improved play. 

Group Lesson New 2 Golf
New 2 Golf

Practice Makes Perfect:

This program is all about improvement in a fun, social environment while creating consistency in your practice habits by attending each week.  

Practice Makes Perfect

Drive, Chip, Putt & Play:

This program aims to help participants to drive the ball more accurately, chip the ball closer to the hole, and work toward eliminating three-putts! On the last week of the program, the class will be held on the golf course, so you can apply what you have learned, as well as ask any on-course strategy questions you may have.

Drive, Chip, Putt & Play

Drive, Chip, Putt, Play & Human Skills:

This program is designed to help participants apply the “Human Skills” of Vision54 to more accurately drive, chip, putt, and play! On the last week of the program, the class will be held on the golf course, so you can apply your best Performance Routine, as well as work on course navigation strategies.

Drive, Chip, Putt, Play & Human Skills

GOLF 101 – For Beginning Golfers:

Golf is all about having FUN! This program is geared around fun while learning the key FUN-damentals needed to improve your game.

Both short and full swing will be covered, as well as other key segments of the game to have you ready to play on the course! Beginning golfers, infrequent golfers, and former golfers are all encouraged to enjoy this experience.

golf 101

GOLF 201 – For Intermediate Golfers:

This program is geared around the skillsets of the game needed to lower your scores. There will be sessions on short games, full swing, and how to practice. Bunker play and some of the variable “trouble” shots will be introduced as well.

Golfers looking to prepare for play on the course, those who have some experience on the course, and beginning golfers looking to lower their scores are encouraged to participate in this class. This is a great follow-up program after having taken our Golf 101 program.

golf 201

Tune Up Your Golf Game:

This program is all about improving your full swing and short game.

Tune Up Your Golf Game

Call (916) 808-2531 to sign up for any of our group lessons!

Meet the Instructors

Dick McShane, Tenured Golf Professional

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Dick started golf as a caddy at age 9. Dick won several tournaments playing junior golf in Massachusetts. After high school, he joined the USAF and played USAF golf teams at McClellan AFB and Clark AFB on the Philippine Islands.

Dick has been an instructor at Haggin Oaks since 1981 and has attended countless golf schools, teaching workshops, and PGA Teaching & Coaching Summits. Some of the workshop topics Dick has attended are:

  • Teaching the New Player and Highly Skilled Player
  • Teaching the Women Player
  • Correcting Common Swing Faults
  • “Do we Teach a Method or Individual Differences?”
  • Teaching Junior Golfers
  • How Does a Good Junior Player Get a College Scholarship?

Dick has been heavily involved with teaching many of the Haggin Oaks Junior Programs and was instrumental in starting the “California Eagles” program for the mentally and physically challenged, which earned him a “Community Service Award.” Dick teaches many adult classes through the “Learning Exchange,” where he has taught over 6,500 students. He also teaches junior golf camps and classes as well as private lessons for men, women, and juniors. Dick is known for his patience, understanding, and friendly demeanor. His philosophy is to keep instruction simple and easy to understand so that a fun atmosphere is created. He works with each student to design a personal improvement program to help them achieve their golfing goals.

Ed Adams, Teaching Professional

Ed Adams is a Teaching Professional who first joined the Morton Golf coaching team in 2012.  Prior to joining the team, Ed spent 10 years as Tournament Director of PGA Tour and LPGA Tour events.  There, he had the opportunity to meet and talk frequently with many of the tour players.  He brings that wealth of knowledge gained from those experiences about the game and how to play like a professional.

Ed also served as the Executive Director of Sacrament Area Youth Golf Association and The First Tee of Greater Sacramento.  He was responsible for the management of William Land Golf Course and several other programs including Little Linkers, Swing Club for the Blind, The California Eagles, and the Junior Tour. 

Ed encourages golfers to focus on the basic fundamentals of golf and proper practice techniques to improve their game and to become more consistent.  He focuses his efforts on helping golfers learn how to maximize the benefits of practice in a minimum about of time.

Ken Hurdle, Golf Instructor

Ken Hurdle retired from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation where he served as the Chief Ombudsman for 12 years. He was responsible for consulting with department heads, and Federal and State offices to identify, evaluate, and resolve sensitive and confidential issues within the correctional system. In addition, Ken trained and supervised the department’s facilitators for the department’s key leadership program initiatives.

Prior to his career in Corrections, Ken was a senior consultant for the California State Senate, specializing in adult and juvenile corrections, disability issues, and Native American affairs.

Since his retirement from Corrections, Ken has been working with diverse groups and organizations, providing training and coaching in, but not limited to, ethics, leadership, and personal change.

Ken is one of only two Vision 54 trained instructors on the Haggin Oaks Teaching Team.

Ken is passionate about individual and team development and has expertise in working with diverse groups and organizations. He has been recognized as an effective coach and mentor and is known for developing leaders and others “one raindrop at a time.”

Ken Hurdle is an avid golfer dedicated to improving his skills and the skills of others. As a coach, he is committed to the betterment of himself and others. The transformational work of coaching for self-discovery involves giving participants opportunities to find out what works best and how they can contribute to their success. His commitment is to deliver outstanding results for his clients and to represent the integrity of the materials that he uses to the best of his ability.

Dale Edwards, Golf Instructor

Dale has been a part of the Morton Golf family for many years.  He is experienced in teaching many adult programs, with his students having success in all of them.  His background is in the auto part industry; however, his passion is helping others have fun while learning how to play golf.  Dale did not start to play until he was 30 years, allowing him to clearly understand the discomfort in starting the game later than others. 

Dale considers himself a lifetime student of the game, whose top priority is to help others grow, learn, and to enjoy each experience of the golf course, regardless of ability.

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