GTAA Presents 100 Steps to Producing a Golf Tournament

The GTAA has put together a handy guide featuring 100 steps to producing a successful golf tournament. 

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golfer1. Determine if a golf tournament is the right event for you.
2. Determine the purpose of your golf tournament.
3. Determine how much money you want to raise.
4. Determine where the money that you raise will go.
5. Choose a Tournament Chairman.
6. Choose a Tournament Director.
7. Choose a Sponsor Chairman.
8. Choose a Golfer Chairman.
9. Choose a Prize Gift Chairman.
10. Choose a Logistics Chairman.
11. Choose a Volunteer Chairman.
12. Recruit additional Volunteers.
13. Choose MC for Awards Ceremony.
14. Establish Committee Meetings.
15. Send out Golfer Questionnaire.
16. Establish Time Line.
17. Develop budget.
18. Name the Tournament.
19. Choose a Golf Course.
20. Choose food for golfers.
21. Buy drink tickets.
22. Pick a Tournament Date.
23. Choose Tournament Format.
24. Create Title Sponsor Package.
25. Create Presenting Sponsor Package.
26. Create Major Sponsor Package.
27. Create Meal Sponsor Package.
28. Create Contest Sponsor Package.
29. Create Hole Sponsor Package.
30. Develop list of potential sponsors.
31. Send letter to potential sponsors.
32. Call potential sponsors.
33. See potential sponsors.
34. Sell Title Sponsors.
35. Sell 2 Presenting Sponsors.
36. Sell 3 Major Sponsors.
37. Sell 2 Meal Sponsors.
38. Sell Contest Sponsors.
39. Sel1 18 Hole Sponsors.
40. Print up sponsor signs.
41. Create golfer package.
42. Develop list of potential golfers.
43. Print tournament brochure.
44. Send brochure to potential golfers.
45. Call golfers.
46. Recruit golfers.
47. Develop golfer’s pairings.
48. Acquire list of all media in your community.
49. Send out press release to all media.
50. Follow up media with phone calls.
51. Call media to promote tournament.
52. Develop advertising.
53. Place ads.
54. Line up Photographer
55. Develop games and contests.
56. Staff games and contests with volunteers.
57. Determine course activities.
58. Acquire tee package gifts
59. Acquire Winners gifts.
60. Acquire contest’s prizes.
61. Acquire raffle prizes.
62. Acquire auction items.
63. Determine event day schedule.
64. Set up registration table.
65. Prepare mulligan tickets.
66. Buy raffle tickets.
67. Create tournament rules sheet.
68. Recruit volunteers for registration table.
69. Produce banners for registration table.
70. Stuff Tee Packages for golfers.
71. Put up sponsor signs.
72. Set up games and contests.
73. Register Golfers.
74. Hand out sponsors packets.
75. Hand out tournament rules sheet.
76. Have qualifying putting contest.
77. Have golfers get in their carts.
78. Go over tournament rules and format.
79. Start tournament.
80. Set up Awards Ceremony area.
81. Display prizes.
82. Make sure food is prepared.
83. Set up scoreboard.
84. Tournament concluded.
85. Have putting contest finals.
86. Gather golfers in awards area.
87. Gather score cards and score tournament.
88. Serve food.
89. Start awards ceremony.
90. Thank everyone.
91. Acknowledge sponsors.
92. Hand out prizes to winners.
93. Produce raffle.
94. Produce auction.
95. Hand out prizes.
96. Conclude ceremony.
97. Wrap up committee meeting.
98. Send out thank you letters.
99. Send out golfer survey.
100. Start planning for next year.

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This article was reprinted with permission from the GTAA (Golf Tournament Association of America). Special thanks to Phil Immordino. Please visit for more information.

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