Golf Tip – Finding the Low Point of your Swing

How to improve your ball contact with your irons by PGA Teaching Professional, Shaun Barnes at Haggin Oaks

Watch Shaun Barnes, PGA Professional at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex on finding the low point of your swing.

This external drill will help improve your ball contact with your irons. First take a tee (whole or broken) and stick it in the ground about 4-6 inches. The goal is to hit the tee after the ball. For that to happen the club is hitting the ball, then into the ground creating the divot and back out of the ground. With practice you’ll notice the ball is launching higher, crisper and getting maximum distance.

Shaun’s passion is coaching golf. His philosophy is that no matter what level of golfer, “having fun” should be the #1 priority while learning and playing. “By getting the student to be more aware of what they are doing and why they are doing it, they can become their own golf coach.” A strong base of fundamentals (grip, posture, aim and alignment) is the process which can, and will, lead to desirable outcomes.

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