Golf Pride Grip Special at Haggin Oaks

Need New Grips? Come into the Club Repair and Performance Center at Haggin Oaks now through March 29. Replace 8 or more Golf Pride grips and we’ll treat you to a free soda while you wait to have your clubs regripped.

When your grips are too slick or worn, it is going to be hard to maintain control of the club when you swing. This will lead to gripping the club too tight which will create tension and muscle tightness in your hands, wrists and arms. This results in shots that are poorly hit and a higher score at the end of your round. Also, if your grips are too hard since they are old and worn out, you can create a stinging sensation when you mis-hit a shot. And everyone is likely to mis-hit at least a few shots in their average round of golf. Ouch!

Come in and see the Club Repair and Performance Center at Haggin Oaks during the Golf Pride Grip Special. Let the Club Repair experts measure you for the right size and type of grip to get your game on track as the golf season gets into full swing. Receive a free soda in MacKenzie’s Sports Bar and Grille while your grips are replaced – usually while you wait! To receive this offer, buy 8 or more Golf Pride grips.

Your grips play a significant role in your swing. If your grips are too big, many golfers have a tendency to leave the club face open when they strike the ball. On the flipside, if your grips are too small, you may tend to close the face at impact. At Haggin Oaks, you can touch and feel all of the grips that are in stock – there are dozens of available options. See what feels good in your hands.

Don’t forget! New grips are the most affordable fix to make a current set of clubs feel brand new. Don’t you owe it to yourself and to your game to invest in comfort on the golf course?

The Haggin Oaks Club Repair and Performance Center is located at 3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento. Learn more at

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