Revolutionary New Golf Pride ALIGN Grip Now in Stock

Golf Pride’s MCC Align Grip features consistent hand placement and consistent results.

Have you seen the new Golf Pride ALIGN grip?

The innovative hybrid grip combining rubber and cord for all-weather performance is now available with ALIGN Technology for consistent hand placement every time.

The raised ridge ensures consistency and alignment.

Features include:

  • Raised Ridge
    When installed on a shaft, the red ridge rises allowing for consistent hand placement, and heightened clubface awareness throughout the swing promotes a square clubface both at address and impact.
  • All-Weather Control
    Exclusive brushed cotton cord in the upper hand to wick away moisture.
  • Moderate Surface Texture
    Pebbled texture and plus sign patterns create increased coverage to maximize control of the club.

The Golf Pride ALIGN grip also features carved channels. This flex channel increases ridge lift and  helps lock in hands. Learn more at

Are you ready to test this grip for yourself? Stop in at the Club Performance & Repair Center at Haggin Oaks and talk to the grip specialists. This grip is the hottest product in the world of grips and it is now available at Haggin Oaks or online at Click HERE to order online.

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