Gimme Golf Pass at Haggin Oaks

The Gimme Golf Pass is designed to help golfers ages 18-25 save money and play more golf. 

Are you a golfer between the ages of 18 and 25? Do you wish you had the opportunity to get a few more rounds of golf in during the week? Are you shocked at how much a round of golf costs?

No need to be salty! We have the PERFECT solution to get you out on the golf course more often! The Gimme Golf Pass IS now being offered at Haggin Oaks and it is exactly what you need!
(Or purchase this monthly pass for your children/grandchildren!)

For just $49.99 a month, Play UNLIMITED golf on the Arcade Creek Golf Course 7 DAYS OF THE WEEK after 12 noon, and Play UNLIMITED golf on the Alister MacKenzie Golf Course any day after 4pm! 

The Gimme Golf Pass includes a FREE NCGA Handicap for the calendar year!

You may no longer qualify for the drastically reduced rates you enjoyed as a junior golfer and you are years away from qualifying for a senior discount, so we have created the best deal in town for golfers aged 18-25.

Here’s how it works:

Call or come into the Haggin Oaks Pro Shop. Ask about signing up for the monthly Gimme Golf Pass. We will snap your photo and get you set up with your recurring monthly payment of $49.99. The next time you come in to play golf, you just give us your name and we will get you out the door. You will be billed automatically – think of this as an alternative to your traditional gym membership…

Call the Haggin Oaks Pro Shop at 916-808-2525 for more information, or email Mike Woods at

We look forward to seeing you out on the course!

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