Get 50% Off Your Next After 10 am Round of Golf at Bing Maloney Golf Course

During the month of February, Play golf at Bing Maloney and get 50% off your next round!

Play a Round and Get 50% off your next after 10 am round!

Use Promo Code: HEART50 at checkout. (case sensitive)


For the month of February, Bing Maloney is offering you 50% off your next round of golf.  Play after 10 am and use code: HEART50 at checkout. This is a fabulous offer to grab 18 holes of golf during the mid-morning or early afternoon. You have to book your tee time online – which is where you will ALWAYS find our lowest rates! Click HERE to reserve your tee time.

If you don’t think you can get 18 holes of golf in before the sun goes down or if you want to grab a few holes later in the day, try our new offer for The Magnificent Seven! Bing Maloney offers a pretty spectacular 7-hole loop that will bring you back near the pro shop after your first seven holes. This is a brand new offering and is ideal for players who want to leave work an hour or two early and catch a few holes before the sun goes down. We offer The Magnificent Seven after 2pm for $12.99. Want to learn more? Click HERE.

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