Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go Discusses the New Wilson DXi Woods & Vizor Putter

Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go on ESPN Radio 1320 sits down to talk to Kyle Scoby from Wilson Golf about the new DXi Fairway Woods. Padraig Harrington is playing all the woods in his bag this year, including the 3 wood which is new for him this year.

Wilson is also introducing their new Wilson Staff Vizor putter.  This represents the first mallet putter Wilson has introduced for quite some time and Padraig helped with the design of this putter. The Vizor putter has a distinctive alignment aid at the top which is easy to see and somewhat resembles the Seemore putters.  The goal is to aid your eye alignment over the target line.  According to Kyle, “it is going to make sure your eyes are not over the ball or inside the target line, but directly over the line and give you a reference point so that you know… and can be more consistent.”

The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop carries a full line of Wilson clubs, including the new DXi woods and Vizor putter.  You can also click HERE to buy online at

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