First Time Fridays – How to Play Any Hole Anywhere

First Time Fridays is a new summer video series for beginners to get the inside scoop about how to look and feel like a golfer.

It’s Friday so you know what that means… the next edition of First Time Fridays is here! A new summer series brought to you by Kathryn Newton, Golf Digest and Morton Golf. We will give you the inside scoop on how to look and feel like a golfer for all you beginners out there. Golf is an intimidating sport so we want to make it easier for you to feel comfortable from the get-go. This week’s tip: How to Play Any Hole Anywhere

Once you are off the first tee (which we went through last week) it’s now on to play the rest of the hole. You’ll be in the fairway now and will need to hit a club to get on the green or closer to it. Using fairway woods on a par 5 is a good choice since those holes are longer. If you are on a par 4, an iron is a good play. The higher number on an iron means it will travel further. As you get closer to the hole using your 7, 8 or 9 irons will give you just enough distance to get to the green. They are also easier to hit than your other clubs. Pull out your wedge (some are marked P for pitching wedge, A for approach or S for sand) and use when you are 50 yards and in. These clubs have more loft to make the ball travel up and short instead of low and long. Find your favorite like Kathryn’s 8 iron and use that to get down the hole if you feel more comfortable.

Now don’t be nervous and just have a nice relaxed swing. If you try to scoop the ball you’ll end up “chunking” the ball and it won’t travel far. Just focus on making solid contact and if the ball doesn’t get off the ground but rolls, hey you made contact. Focus on the next shot to get it in the air. Remember, you just started playing, no one is expecting you to be a pro already.

Just remember to keep moving and be ready to hit when it’s your turn. The person furthest from the hole has the right of way, but some people play ready golf. That means, if you are ready to hit, go for it. This speeds up the round. Just don’t hit while another person is hitting , it may be distracting and may be dangerous.

Hope this episode of First Time Fridays has given you some ease about playing any hole. Now go out and play! But don’t forget to check back next week to learn about “What All the Different Clubs Do”.

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