February Food Specials at Cavanaugh Cafe

Dine-in and save with these great food specials at Cavanaugh Cafe all month long!

WARNING: Our mouth-watering food specials this month may bring a huge smile on your face. That’s right! Our chefs have prepared some very delicious meals for all to enjoy. Whether you want a refreshing Greek Chicken Salad or you’re craving our loaded Ultimate Steak Sandwich, we know there is something for you and your group to enjoy.

Our updated bar has delicious mix drinks to choose from. Here are the 4 that can take your next round of golf to a whole new level. First up, let’s introduce the Albatross. It has Deep Eddy Sweet tea vodka, fresh lemon juice, raspberry tea, and simple syrup!

Check out the name of this next one. We call it the Par 71. Sounds amazing right? The Par 71 is served with Tangueray Gin, Absolut strawberry, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, float of champagne and a lemon twist. Wow! Happy hour just got a whole lot happier with a refreshingly sweet drink like this. Even if you do not want to play a round of golf we invite you to hang out on the patio or at our newly upgraded bar.

We look forward to serving you at Bartley Cavanaugh Cafe. Make sure you connect with us on our Facebook Page to stay up to date with food deals and tee time specials.

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