Employee Spotlight: Curt David

Curt David has been the General Manager at William Land Golf Course and a Community Associate for Morton Golf Foundation for the past 2 years. He started with Morton Golf LLC in March 2020.

Before Curt came to William Land Golf Course, he was the Head Golf Professional for Mather Golf Course.

When asked how often he plays golf his answer was, “not enough”.

He not only has the interest and enjoyment of playing the game but enjoys the entrepreneurial side of growing the business and the game together.

The biggest highlight of Curt’s life is working at William Land Golf Course.

It took him 54 years to get his dream job.

When he is not spending his time at work at William Land Golf Course he can be seen jogging in the area as he has completed the Urban Cow Half-Marathon for the past 7 years.

His other interest is wine tasting with friends. He has been enjoying building that into the William Land Golf Course Café culture.

Thanks, Curt for continuing to help showcase William Land Golf Couse as it just continues to flourish and get better.

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