Comparing the New 2022 Drivers

Stealth vs. Rogue ST vs. LTDx – Which one performs the best?

2022 started with a bang in the golf world!

Multiple brands hit the ground running this year, releasing their new line of clubs in January and February. TaylorMade welcomed the world into the carbonwood age with the Stealth, Callaway went rogue with the Rogue ST, Cobra aimed for the fences with the LTDx, and many, many more.

Each of these new clubs are all-stars in their own right but we know you only want to know one thing: which one is the best? To answer that question, we had Alex Cooper, our Director of Youth, Family, & Adaptive Golf, take 3 of the new drivers out for a spin and see how they stack up to each other.

Although Alex has his ranking for these three clubs, they aren’t necessarily going to rank the same for you. If you are trying to figure out which club is best for you, we encourage you to get a fitting to try these clubs for yourself. You may find that what performed best for Alex isn’t the best club for your game.

If you would like to get a fitting, our Demo Days for Days event will be starting soon. This is the perfect opportunity to get a fitting with club manufacturer fitting staff to introduce their latest equipment, answer all your questions, and get you set up with the best equipment for your game. Call (916) 808-2531 to schedule a fitting today.

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