Just Added! Short Game Clinic with Premier Golf Instructor Hank Haney during Haggin Oaks Golf Expo

Premier Instructor Hank Haney to host a short game clinic during Golf Expo. Hank Haney is recognized globally as one of the foremost authorities on the game and business of golf.  As one of the pioneers of the professional golf instruction business, Hank has coached hundreds of professional and elite amateur golfers, including Tiger Woods and Mark O’Meara…. Continue reading →

The Sun Mountain Reflex Push Cart at Haggin Oaks Golf Expo

During Haggin Oaks Golf Expo, Frank LaRosa from ESPN 1320 Golf To Go had a chance to discuss Sun Mountain’s Reflex Push Cart, with Sun Mountain President Ed Kowachek. The Reflex is distinguished by its innovative folding method. When open, its wide stance is extremely stable. When closed, it has a small footprint. The Reflex… Continue reading →

2015 Golf and Guitars Interviews with Country Music Stars

Frank LaRosa, host of Golf to Go on ESPN 1320, interviews country artists and sponsors on the course during 2015 Golf and Guitars  The 2015 Golf and Guitars country concert, hosted at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex in Sacramento, CA, on May 18-19, 2015, raised thousands of dollars for the Morton Golf Foundation and $35,000 was also… Continue reading →

ESPN 1320’s Frank LaRosa on FootJoy’s DNA Shoe

Golf to Go’s Frank LaRosa interviews Brian Greene from FootJoy about their newest innovation, FootJoy’s DNA. “The DNA is one of the most popular shoes we’ve ever released, from tour players to the pro shop level it’s had a lot of momentum.” says, Brian Greene. FootJoy’s DNA is a new concept for the #1 shoe company in… Continue reading →

ESPN 1320’s Frank LaRosa & Nike’s Jeff Stewart talk Nike RZN Golf Ball

Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go on ESPN 1320 talks with Jeff Stewart from Nike Golf about their newest innovation the  Nike RZN golf ball.  Nike is taking it back to it’s waffle-iron roots with it’s latest golf ball design. Nike famously used a waffle-iron design on the sole of its running shoes to revolutionize the way… Continue reading →

Frank LaRosa discusses with Dave Kolarick from TaylorMade on “Loft Up”

Watch Frank LaRosa from Golf to Go on ESPN 1320 talks with Dave Kolarick from TaylorMade on “Loft Up or be left behind” You will hear everyone at TaylorMade say “LOFT UP!” This term refers to TaylorMade’s design of the SLDR driver and how they improved where the center of gravity is on the club… Continue reading →

Frank LaRosa talks with TaylorMade about new SpeedBlade Irons

Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go on ESPN 1320 talks to Dave Kolarik with TaylorMade on the SpeedBlade Irons, TaylorMade’s newest innovation.  TaylorMade is well known for their woods, but now the irons are starting to grab peoples attention.  It all started with the speed pocket which accelerates the speed of the face adding distance… Continue reading →

Tips from PGA Instructor, Randy Smith

Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go on ESPN 1320 interviews PGA instructor, Randy Smith during the Northern California PGA Teaching Summit. Randy is the all-time leading PGA of America National Award winner with 18 National awards and was inducted into the PGA of America’s Hall of Fame in 2005. The Randy Smith Teaching Center is… Continue reading →