Callaway and Odyssey combined to win 18 Golf Digest 2015 Hotlist Gold Medals

18 Golf Digest Hot List Golf Medals have been rewarded to Callaway and Odyssey, more than any manufacturer.

Callaway_HotListCallaway and Odyssey combined to win 18 Golf Digest 2015 Hotlist Gold Medals, the most of any manufacturer from Golf Digest. The goal of the Hot List is to review the wide variety of the new products that may make a difference in your game, or clubs that show new possibilities. This year, they reviewed 307 clubs to find the 111 that matter most in 2015. Out of 14 drivers Callaway was awarded 3 gold medals just in this category. Odyssey was awarded 3 gold medals out of 10 putters.

BBerthaAlphaCallaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 – Maximum Distance From Lower Spin
Callaway lowered the spin in the Alpha 815 to help you maximize distance. They started with a forged composite crown to save weight. Speed and forgiveness from a light, stable face. R•MOTO Technology. It’s new. It’s groundbreaking. It provides the structure to save weight for an ultra thin face that maintains stability while elevating smash factor. Maximum adjustability with 7 gram and 1 gram weight ports.  Allows you to set the driver to neutral, draw, or fade bias.And our OptiFit hosel provides 8 different loft (-1, S, +1, +2) and lie angle (Draw or Neutral) configurations.
CallawayVSeriesCallawayBig Bertha V Series – Speed Optimized Technology
A lighter club (starting at 290 grams) helps create more clubhead speed and the kind of ball speed that makes the ball go a long way. Faster swing speeds also come from the aerodynamic shaping that lowers drag through the entire swing. And Forged Composite material in the crown is lighter, leading to maximum clubhead speed. They’re all crucial for maximum distance in V Series. Lighter, hotter and more robust, it delivers higher ball speeds across the face so you consistently hammer long drives.

Callaway_XRHLCallaway XR/XR Pro – Built for Outrageous Speed
It’s speed from an aerodynamic crown, speed from an R•MOTO Face and speed from maximum shaft load. Our fastest titanium driver ever. Everything about this driver is optimized for aero efficiency, which is critical to add speed with less drag. This is how we increase ball speeds across the face – by reducing 10% of face weight to make it thinner. R•MOTO leads to more energy efficient energy transfer all over the face, allows us to put the CG 17% lower where most golfers want it, and delivers higher MOI.
Odyssey_MetalXMilledOdyssey Metal-X Milled
The Metal-X Milled #1 Wide Putter is a milled compact heel-toe weighted blade with a wide flange, a single bend shaft and full-shaft offset.Metal-X Milled is one of the most technologically advanced milled putters on the market, and it continues to win on the PGA Tour and Tours all over the world. Metal-X roll technology brings a truer, more consistent roll, combined with crossbar technology and adjustable weighting to customize feel. It’s a design that the world’s best players trust, and you will too.
Odyssey_TankOdyssey Tank Cruiser
The Tank Cruiser #1 Wide is a compact heel toe-weighted blade with a widened flange, crank-neck hosel and full-shaft offset. Adjustable weighting. Tank Cruiser is bringing out the BIG guns with a new level of fitting options in the most technological counterbalanced putter in golf. You’re getting adjustable weighting in the head (to customize feel) AND at the counterbalance level (to customize stability) from a putter that’s driven by Tour feedback. So you’ll dial in your balance better than ever for your most consistent stroke.

OdysseyWorksVersaOdyssey Works Versa
The Odyssey Works #1 Putter is a rounded heel-toe weighted blade with a crank-neck hosel, Versa high contrast alignment and a full-shaft offset.We’ve taken the most legendary insert of all-time that’s the best feeling, best selling, with the most Tour wins and combined it with unbelievable new roll technology for the Fusion RX Insert. It’s where feel meets roll as we couple the White Hot insert with ultra thin stainless steel mesh and our patented Metal-X roll pattern. There are no compromises, and it has faster roll than the White Hot insert, so it reduces skidding and gets the ball into a pure roll faster.

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