Callaway Golf Announces Big Bertha V Irons & Hybrids

Providing unprecedented distance the new Big Bertha V Irons & Hybrids can make you up to 2 clubs longer!


It’s the BALL SPEED all across the face that makes this distance a reality because for the first time ever, Callaway is putting the same Cup 360 Face Technology used in their fairway woods into their irons. The Big Bertha Irons promise increased ball speed across the face of the club whether you hit it on the sweet spot or not.

The Big Bertha V irons also feature increased flexibility in the face, which aids in the higher ball speeds while also adding to the clubs’ forgiveness. Additionally, forgiveness is enhanced by the “Internal Standing Wave” engineering seen in fairway woods and hybrids that lowers the clubs’ center of gravity.

Easy to launch with maximum forgiveness, Big Bertha is in its own category, there’s simply no other iron like it.


Up to 2 Club Longer Distance
Up to “2 clubs longer” is for real. HIGHER BALL SPEED all across the face comes from the same 360 Face Cup technology we put in fairway woods. Combined with an Internal Standing Wave, this is the hottest iron we’ve ever produced.

Maximum Forgiveness
Your shots will launch higher and fly straighter. Hollow body construction lets us put the weight where we want it so you get an incredibly forgiving iron.

More Flexible Face
A more flexible iron face helps the ball jump off the club with serious ball speed behind it. It adds to the forgiveness too – the ball speed is high wherever you hit it on the face.

Advanced, Progressive Looks
The sole designs are what you want to see – wider in the longer irons to give you confidence, narrower in the shorter irons because we know you’ll hit those well. With a progressive, modern topline, you can take one look at the Big Berthas and know that they’ll work for you.

Premium Shaft Options
We’re combining our best Big Bertha technology with some of the most premium aftermarket shafts out there. Choose from the UST Recoil shaft in graphite or the True Temper SpeedStep 80 in steel. Several other shafts are available at no upcharge including the True Temper XP95 and KBS Tour-V and Tour-V 90.

Hybrid Combo Set Option
If you like to hit hybrids, replace your long irons with our new Big Bertha Hybrids. Our first adjustable hybrids are long and can be tuned to 8 different settings with the Optifit hosel.

hybridThe Big Bertha V Hybrid is Callaway’s first adjustable hybrid.  They can be tuned to 8 different settings with the Optifit hosel.  Hybrids need to be versatile and playable for a number of different shots, and the Bertha hybrids are especially easy to launch high. This is the full package of maximum forgiveness and ball speed from a low, forgiving center of gravity.

The Callaway Big Bertha V Irons & Hybrids are available for pre-order NOW & will be in retail October 17.

To pre-order your set of clubs today click HERE.

The Haggin Oaks Golf Complex is located at 3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, CA. Call 916-808-2526 for more information on the new Big Bertha V Irons & Hybrid Clubs from Callaway.


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