Buy a SkyCaddie Watch, Aire or Gimme with No Annual Fees

skygolf_no_fees_promoFor a limited time, purchase any new SkyCaddie Watch, Aire or Gimme with no annual fees required! Enjoy golf’s most reliable and accurate course maps from around the world with no charges or fees for the life of these select models.*

SkyCaddie is trusted by more serious golfers than all other rangefinders combined! The SkyCaddie comes preloaded with 30,000 course maps! NO ANNUAL FEES OR CHARGES will be needed to use the approximately 30,000 preloaded courses or access available course updates for the life of any new SkyCaddie watch, Gimmie or Aire purchased and activated between August 15th, 2013 and December 31st, 2013. This offer is good as long as supplies last.


SKYGO_AIRE-2TSkyGolf SkyCaddie Aire GPS$129.95
The AIRE from SkyCaddie is extremely affordable and offers fun, convenient versatility. It’s ultra-light, so you can wear it on your belt, hang if off your bag or clip it to a push cart. Get trusted, reliable distances everywhere on the course and make smart decisions on approach. The AIRE features a 1.8 inch greyscale screen with Front, Center and Back of Green distanced that update as you walk or ride. It’s compact and offers Auto Course Recognition, Auto Hole Advance, Auto Distance Update and Scoring. The AIRE also features an odometer, so you can track the miles you walked while playing golf. It will even let you know how many calories you burned. Play better and have more fun with the AIRE from SkyCaddie.

SKYGO_GIMME-2TSkyGolf SkyCaddie Gimme GPS$149.95
The SkyCaddie GIMME is a compact golf GPS rangefinder from SkyGolf that offers better distance than other devices at an affordable price. Preloaded with over 30,000 courses, the GIMME is a cinch to use. Turn it on for Auto Course Recognition and get BIG, easy to read Front, Center and Back of green yardages anywhere on the course. The GIMME offers Auto Hole Advance, Auto Distance Update and Scoring. Enjoy trusted, reliable distances everywhere on the course with high-precision, ground verified course maps. Start making smarter decisions on approach and see how many gimmes you get from your friends. The GIMME features a 2.2” color screen that’s easy to read in bright sun.

SKYGO_WATCH-3TSkyGolf SkyCaddie Watch$169.95
The SkyCaddie Watch isn’t just another golf GPS watch! It’s an attractive, lightweight, flexible and comfortable everyday sport watch that just happens to provide superior performance on the golf course. Powered by Core Golfer Technology and golf’s only ground-verified course maps; start playing better golf and having more fun with the new SkyCaddie Watch from the highest-rated and most-trusted rangefinder in golf.

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*This offer only applies to the original consumer purchaser. This offer is not retroactive or transferable. SkyCaddie can cancel this offer at any time.


  1. Bill Hale says: | Reply

    Reading reviews claims the battery doesn’t last very long and there are no manuals foe set up, also says it is hard to charge the batter? Is this just a few disatified customers or is this typical of the wach?

    • Morton Golf says: | Reply

      Hi Bill,
      This is Nick Wallace in the Haggin Oaks Supershop. I have used both the LYNX and the original Skycaddie Watch on the first tee. Both show front, middle, and back of the green distances. The TOUCH has the option to upgrade to show hazard information and the intelligreen technology.You can mark your ball to see how far each shot goes with both. In terms of the battery life, they claim two to three rounds per charge. I would recommend plugging my GPS device in after each use just to be safe. If you have any more questions or would like to demo them yourself, come see me at the Haggin Oaks Supershop. Our number here is (916)808-2526. I’m here Tuesday through Sat if you want to talk to the GPS specialist.

      Thanks for your business,

      Nick Wallace
      GPS Specialist

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