Bag Boy Is The Only Company To Receive Two Gold Medals On Golf Digest’s Push Cart Hot List

Bag Boy, the #1 name in push cart technology, was only company to receive two gold medals on Golf Digest’s prestigious Hot List. The Quad, a lightweight four-wheeled push cart, and the TriSwivel, a three-wheeled push cart with a front wheel that swivels 360 degrees, received top honors. Both carts are engineered with a cart and stand bag compatible upper bag bracket, which prevents twisting of the bag during a round of golf. 

“To have two of the four gold medalists be Bag Boy carts is an outstanding achievement,” said Craig Ramsbottom, President, Dynamic Brands. “Our product development team has done a fantastic job, as evidenced by the innovation and market leadership of these two carts. Golfers who walk appreciate the advancements in carts today.”

The TriSwivel push cart features Swivel Tech™ Technology in the 9.5 inch-front wheel that makes the cart feel like it has power steering. The front wheel swivels 360 degrees to make changing directions simple. Engaging the remote Swivel Lock Out will lock the swivel wheel into place, ideal for walking long distances and hills.

The TriSwivel is constructed of a lightweight, weather-resistant aluminum frame with maintenance-free 9.5-inch-front and 11.5-inch-oversized rear wheels that roll easily through all types of terrain. The cart is loaded with convenience features such as one-step handle adjustment to accommodate golfers of all heights, integrated beverage holder, oversized storage bag, a handle-mounted parking brake, a deluxe scorecard and pencil holder, and a tee, ball and umbrella holder. The cart folds down in three simple steps to 22 x 14 x 18 inches, making it super compact to fit into the car trunk. The suggested retail is $269.95.

The Quad is constructed with a lightweight, weather-resistant aluminum frame and built on a reinforced four-wheel platform that provides increased stability especially on hilly terrain and wet conditions. The Quad comes fully loaded with an array of golfer-friendly features such as a handle-mounted parking brake; oversized zippered storage bag; quick grab beverage holder; unlimited handle adjustments that accommodate golfers of all heights; lightweight, solid foam maintenance-free tires; deluxe scorecard holder with pencil holder; padded compartment and secure umbrella holder; integrated tee and ball holder. The cart has a simple two-step folding process to 24 x 17 x 16 inches and locks into place for easy handling and transport. The suggested retail for the Quad is $219.95.

The push carts for the Hot List were judged in four areas – performance, innovation, look/feel and demand. The Quad received high praises for its two-step folding processing and smooth ride. The TriSwivel received kudos for its ability to handle quick turns.

The Push Cart Hot List appears in the August issue of Golf Digest, which is currently on newsstands.

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