A Chance to Win $25k During the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo with the Cleveland Wedge Challenge

Qualify for your opportunity to win a shot at a $25,000 prize when you try the new Cleveland RTX4 Wedge during the Cleveland Wedge Challenge at the 2019 Haggin Oaks Golf Expo.

Haggin Oaks Golf Expo $25,000 Cleveland Wedge Challenge

Your first stop at the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo should be right behind the registration area at the Arcade Creek Putting Green to demo the new Cleveland RTX4 wedges. Representatives from Cleveland Golf will be on hand with the latest RTX4 wedge in a full assortment of lofts, finishes and bounces. Attendees will have the opportunity to pitch and chip to a variety of targets across the putting green as they play for points. The contestants with the most points earned on Friday or Saturday will be invited back on Sunday for a drawing to pick one person who will then have a chance to pitch it in the hole and win $25,000!

Square, open, flop. Fairway, rough, sand. Wherever you find your ball, there’s an RTX 4 to get you up and down. 4 distinct sole grinds guarantee a perfect fit however you play. And with the 4th Generation Rotex Face, you’ll have the spin to attack any pin. This is greenside versatility, made yours. This is the all-new RTX 4.

Controlling your wedge shots is only possible with ample, predictable spin. So new 4th Generation Rotex Face Technology consistently delivers more spin across all conditions, giving you better distance control, improved accuracy, and lower scores.

As an added bonus, receive a coupon to save $10 on your Cleveland wedge purchase that is valid Friday, April 26 – Sunday, April 28, 2019, only!

2019 Haggin Oaks Golf Expo

The Haggin Oaks Golf Expo has over 200 manufacturers and booths scheduled to appear. Still going strong as “America’s Largest Demo Days,” Haggin Oaks Golf Expo hosts over 22,000 golfers from all over California, Oregon, and Nevada to showcase the latest in golf equipment to the best vacation destinations… along with everything in between! Best of all, admission is FREE! There is a $5 parking fee per vehicle.

The show runs Friday, April 26 through Sunday, April 28, 2019, from 9 am to 5 pm Friday and Saturday and 9 am to 4 pm on Sunday and parking is $5. For more information on the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo, go to our website, http://www.HagginOaksGolfExpo.com

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Haggin Oaks Golf Expo

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