7 Reasons to Get Your Putting Stroke Analyzed with the SAM PuttLab

Traditionally, up to half of your strokes on the golf course are made with your putter. The easiest way to shave strokes off your score may be to improve your putting.

Come into the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex and have your putting stroke analyzed with our Science&Motion’s PuttLab (SAM PuttLab). This training system uses ultrasound to analyze the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke.

Here are 7 reasons why YOU need to come in for the SAM PuttLab

  1. Data is provided withing seconds
  2. The smallest details of your putting movements are analyzed
  3. All relevant parameters are measured – rotation, acceleration, swing duration or impact and more!
  4. Utilize the results to develop training strategies to improve your putting stroke
  5. Find your sweetspot  and tailor this information for an individualized training program
  6. Get easy to read graphical reports that are generated to help you discover how close your actual putting stroke came to the ideal
  7. Receive immediate feedback provides lasting training results

Haggin Oaks offers a 60-minute indoor SAM PuttLab experience for $59.99. Want to know more? Check out this video demonstration of SAM PuttLab by Steve North, Director of Instruction, St. Andrews Links Golf Academy and then call Haggin Oaks at 916-808-2531 to schedule your appointment.

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