5 Steps To Start a Weekly Golf Playgroup at Haggin Oaks

Sacramento Women’s Golf Club
Sacramento Women’s Golf Club at Haggin Oaks

Step #1 What Type of Play Group Would You Like?

We have found that creating a golf playgroup is a great way to get your family and existing friends, or find new friends, to get together, have fun, and play golf. You get your friends together and decide the purpose of the outing. Is it just a gathering to play golf, or would you like to have a season champion with points awarded every week? That is the beauty of golf; it can be whatever you want.

Step #2 Attracting Golfers

There are many ways of attracting new friends for a golf league. Social media is a great platform to get the word out about your new playgroup. Sites like Meet-Up, Craigslist, and Facebook are used by many social group gatherings and allow you to get the word out to many local golfers. Haggin Oaks is here to help promote your new group as well. Click here to visit our current playgroup page.

Step #3 Deciding on the Outing Format:

Haggin Oaks has a variety of playgroups with a variety of schedules. Many play once a week, and some play once a month, either playing nine holes to groups playing 18 holes. Haggin Oaks hosts leagues in the spring through the end of summer in a 9-hole format after work, Monday through Friday. After the round, they meet in Mackenzie’s Grille to discuss the outing and share food and drink with their friends. The Grille reserves tables and extends the Happy Hour pricing for all leagues.

Step #4 Setting Up Your Tee Times:

You should contact the course you are interested in to determine the availability of tee times. For Haggin Oaks, contact the tournament team to help you plan your outing:

Murray Salisbury – msalisbury@hagginoaks.com
Gage Sorenson- gsorenson@hagginoaks.com
Rhys Miller – rmiller@hagginoaks.com
They are here to make the most of your outing.

Step #5 Create a Communication System:

I think you should know your group. I do most like text or emails to get information on the outing. Creating a webpage is also a great way to connect to your group and attract other golfers.

Few More Things…..

• Allister MacKenzie and Arcade Creek courses are great for walking, so a pushcart usually works perfectly.
• There are club rentals from the Haggin Oaks Golf Pro Shop for $30 a set.
• Player assistants are available with water and assist in getting you around on time during your golfing session.

Please feel free to call or email Murray Salisbury, our Tournament Director, with a few date options to get started.

Starting a golf playgroup can be a fun and rewarding experience. With the proper planning and organization, you can create a thriving community of golfers who share your passion for the sport.

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