2014 Top 10 Gag Golf Gifts For Christmas

Pick up one of these Top 10 Funny Gag Golf Gifts for Christmas and the Holidays for 2014.

Be the life of the party with one of these hilarious and funny gag golf gifts that will definitely bring a smile to the recipient on your shopping list this holiday season. If you’ve been looking for a unique prank to play on someone or a gag gift, we have them for you. Check out our top 10 finds for 2014.

ButtPutt1. Butt Putt – $21.99
The Butt Putt is a cute butt shaped golf putting practice game. When you make a “HOLE IN BUM” you’ll hear one of the 6 hilarious different farts, and the ball shoots back out the side. This is definitely going to be the best gag gift in the office this holiday season, don’t you think?
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TwoG_Flask2. Giant Flask– $59.99
This oversized flask will hold up to 2 gallons of your drink of choice.  If you are shopping this Christmas for someone who likes to party hard, they will sure get a kick out of this gift. I’m not sure it will fit in the cup holder of the golf cart though.
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Hillbillyputter3. Hillbilly Putter-$7.99
No need for any fancy high tech, high priced putter when you can get back to the basics with the original hillbilly putter! No hillbilly putter is the exact same because it’s a rough-hewn branch mallet putter. This hilarious hillbilly putter is approximately 35″ long. It comes with 2 walnut golf balls painted white and 2 wooden tees. What more do you need? This holiday gift includes your putter, your balls, and your tees (since when did you need tees to putt?!?) and it is all priced under $10.00. WOW! What a bargain!
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ExplodingGolfBall4. Exploding Ball- $2.99
The Exploding Golf Ball…let’s face it, this thing is a classic. The Exploding Golf Ball looks like a regular golf ball, but explodes on impact. This ball will vanish in a cloud upon impact making your partner wonder what the heck just happened. Funniest golf gag gift ever!
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Redneck_PokerChips5. Redneck Golf Poker Chips-$15.99
If you’re into betting on the golf course and looking for a new game to play, then pick up the NEW Redneck Golf GIT-R-IN-THE-HOLE poker chip on the course golf game. This is a great gift for the non-serious, recreational golfer… All of us know somebody like that who could use a golf gag gift like this for Christmas, right? How do you play? The game begins when the golfers decide on a value for each poker chip before starting the round. Each poker chip stands for a certain action. Some are positive and others are negative, such as birdieing a hole or hitting it into a sand trap. The goal is to get rid of the negative chips and keep the positive ones. A very entertaining game to play with all levels of golfers.
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Unputtaball6. Unputtaball-$2.99
The Unputtaball is impossible to putt! Have you tried one before? It’s a trick golf ball that refuses to ever travel in a straight line. It jumps, baulks, skids and gyrates.
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ToiletTime7. Toilet Time-$14.99
Toilet Time is a golf game that let’s you practice your putting while going to the bathroom. For the golfer that just can’t get enough of the game. We all know a golfer or two that is obsessed with the sport. The one with the new putter or new driver every six months. The golfer with the hole cut into their office floor to practice during lunch… With this gift they can practice whenever the mood strikes and everything needed is included. Toilet Time includes putter, mat, golf balls, target, and do not disturb sign for the bathroom door. All of this for under $15.00? Great value!
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ToiletPaper8. Toilet Paper-$6.99
Pee Time or Tee Time? Perfect for the player that thinks any time is tee time. All I can say is if your going to pick up the Toilet Time bathroom adventure set above you’ve got to get this accessory to complete the set. Tee Time Toilet Paper is the ultimate bathroom necessity. It is, isn’t it? Every golfer needs toilet paper.
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FlairHair9. Flair Hair-Starting at $19.99
Kids, adults, seniors, everyone loves these colorful visors with fake hair attached. For the follicly challenged, this hat cures all ailments. Since it comes in assortment you can experiment in a wide variety of hair colors and styles.
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10. Gold Retirement Watch-$19.99GoldRetirement Watch
A watch for the retired. Now that the person on your holiday gift list is no longer working, what are they doing with their time all day? According to this watch, not much. This golf gag gift watch shows all the “important” things the retired do such as nap, golf, fish and watch TV. Sign me up for retirement, I’m ready!
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