Willie Toney Returns!

Bing Maloney Hires new Head Golf Professional: Willie Toney

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Morton Golf and Bing Maloney Golf Course are delighted to announce the return of PGA Class A Member, Willie Toney. Willie Toney returns to Bing Maloney as the new Head Golf Professional and is a former golf professional at an Olympic Club. This highly anticipated appointment signifies a triumphant homecoming for Toney. Toney has already established himself as a well-regarded figure in the golf world and is a Sacramento native. Toney spent his childhood in a house near the 11th Fairway, and his first job was at Bing Maloney.

Why Willie Toney Belongs at Bing Maloney

Willie Toney is no stranger to the golfing community, having achieved remarkable success during his time at the prestigious Olympic Club in San Francisco. Toney’s leadership and unwavering passion for golf played a pivotal role in cultivating a vibrant golfing community. Toney is also known for his teaching abilities, allowing him to nurture young talents at the club.

Toney expressed his sentiment toward Bing Maloney Golf Course, stating, “Bing Maloney Golf Course holds a special place in my heart. I started my golfing journey right here in Sacramento, and it’s an honor to be able to come back and contribute to the golfing community that helped shape me as a professional.”

With nearly thirty years of golfing experience, Toney’s expertise and profound understanding of the sport will be invaluable in mentoring players and expanding the reach of golf to a wider audience. Prior to his golf career, Toney’s time at Nordstrom helped develop his exceptional customer service skills. His return exemplifies Bing Maloney’s continued dedication to offering exceptional golf experiences in a fantastic community golf setting.

As Toney assumes his new role, the Bing Maloney team eagerly awaits the fresh energy and enthusiasm he will bring. Let us extend a warm welcome to Willie Toney as he returns home! Join us in congratulating Willie on his new role as the new head golf professional at Bing Maloney.

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