William Land Golf Course’s New Tee Boxes

On Friday June 5th, William Land Golf Complex announces new tees for Golfers.

William Land, a premier golf facility located in Sacramento, is happy to announce new tee boxes on holes 4 and 8. These tee boxes were starting to crown, which made it difficult for golfers to tee off and effectively hit the ball. To improve the golfing experience we have leveled the two tee boxes and put in new grass for our customers. Hitting the ball poorly can drastically cause a score to go up and ultimately slow down play. By redoing the tee boxes this will: speed up play, help the environment, and improve your shot.Tee Boxes

Because California is currently in a drought William Land has chosen to put in Bermuda grass. William Land is being water conscious at our golf facility and purposely picked a more resilient grass that can still thrive in low water circumstances. Even though it will reach up to 101 degrees in the summer the Bermuda grass will still be thriving. Although it may be dormant, the Bermuda is the right choice for this type of season and golfing experience. This new grass will also stay greener in spite of the lack of water. Also, the crowning of the old tees was creating a water run off which not only did not allow for a good golfing experience but also ineffective watering. At William Land we are aware of the circumstances our state faces. Even though we curate a green belt, we desire to make an impact in our community.

Having a beautiful and playable golf course is important to William Land. We have redone the tee boxes for you!!

Try our new tees and book a tee time here for William Land Golf Course.

William Land Golf Course
1701 Sutterville Road
Sacramento, 95822

Golf Shop: 916-277-1207
Business Office: 916-455-7888


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