Volunteer Profile: Hal Murray

Hal Murray has been a volunteer Player Assistant at Haggin Oaks for the past 24 years!

When Hal was in his mid-teens he had a knee injury and his doctor suggested he rehabilitate by swimming or golfing.

Soon after that Hal was walking by the local Goodwill and saw a used set of golf clubs in the window.  This prompted him to start golf!

He headed to Haggin Oaks and at that time saw a golfer swing a club on the driving range and decided that is what he wanted his swing to look like.   Hal is self-taught but has had a few lessons by Don Pottle along the way.

Hal enjoys playing the game with friends.  When playing golf with friends and they ask for golf tips while playing he always suggests seeing one of the Golf Professionals at Haggin Oaks and they can get you on the right path.

Hal is married to the love of his life and when they go on vacation both of them make sure there is a golf course along the way.

He also stated, “I am really tired of my wife Sherry beating me on the course”.

We are very proud to have Hal as a member of the Morton Golf family!  Thanks for all your continued help.

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