Tom Morton Gives a Golf Tip to Improve Your Swing Shape

Tom Morton is the PGA Director of Player Performance for Morton Golf, and he is sharing a FREE video lesson tip with our readers. Call 916-808-2531 to schedule a lesson with Tom at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex. Tom also writes his own blog, click HERE to check it out!

Today’s video golf tip focuses on the full golf swing and specifically on the “swing shape”. If you have a consistent swing shape, then you can expect to hit the ball more consistently overall.

Step 1: Start with the golf club in the air and make some swings around your body. This will allow you to feel more rotation and will create a more consistent swing shape.

Step 2: Slowly bring the club down as you continue to swing on a consistent plane until your swing path brings you low enough to hit the ball.

Frequent Swing Problems Among Many Golfers:

  • Do you currently start with the club too inside? This forces you to lift the club high to correct and causes you to come over the top. RESULT – Not a consistent swing shape.
  • Do you lift the club without turning right away? This results in you needing to drop the club underneath and inside. RESULT – Not a consistent swing shape.

Watch the video to see Tom’s drill on how you can improve your swing shape to consistently hit better shots.

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