Tips for a Succesful Tournament

Hosting a Tournament can feel like a daunting task. We’ve compiled our top tips on running a successful tournament event.

Themed Dress Code: Encourage participants to dress up according to a fun theme, such as Hawaiian luau, retro golf attire, or favorite sports team jerseys. Offer prizes for the best-dressed individuals or teams.

Celebrity Guest Appearances: Invite local celebrities, sports personalities, or well-known figures to make guest appearances or participate in the event. Their presence can excite and attract media attention, boosting awareness and participation.

On-Course Challenges: Incorporate interactive challenges or games at various holes throughout the course. Examples include longest drive contests, closest-to-the-pin challenges, launches for charity, etc. Offer prizes for winners or successful participants.

Food and Beverage Stations: Set up our beverage stations along the course, offering snacks, refreshments, and signature cocktails or mocktails.

Interactive Technology: Integrate our interactive technology such as live scoring apps (Golf Genius) to view live leaderboards and online scoring.

After-Party or Awards Ceremony: Conclude the event with a lively after-party or awards ceremony, complete with music, dancing, and recognition of top performers and fundraisers. Offer prizes, trophies, and certificates to winners and participants.

Are you in charge of planning your upcoming Team Building Event or Tournament Outing?

Contact Murray Salisbury our Tournament Director at Haggin Oaks.

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