The Titleist 913 Driver – Serious Clubs for Serious Golfers

Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go on ESPN Radio 1320 interviews Titleist Representative TJ Gillen for Morton Golf on the new Titleist 913 Drivers. The Titleist 913 driver represent the fastest, longest, most consistent driver Titleist has ever made.

Watch the video to see how the Titleist 913 driver improves upon the popular 910 design to make a more consistent and faster club.

How is the club faster?
The 913 features a new face insert technology. They have a variable thickness forged face insert that is thickest in the center of the face and gets progressively thinner as you get to the outer edges of the insert. This allows for more efficient transfer of energy on off-center hits. In fact, the maximum ball speed area (or the area where we can retain 99% ball speed as compared to on-center hits) is 11% larger in the 913 drivers as compared to the 910 driver. Titleist is increasing ball speed by 2-3 mph with this driver. And for every mile per hour of increased ball speed, it equates to 3-4 yards to additional distance.

Not only has Titleist made the 913 driver faster, they have also made it more consistent. How?
Titleist has always made two heads – the D2 and the D3 head. These two heads have traditionally been made to produce different launch conditions. That has changed with the 913 family of drivers. There are still two heads – the D2 and D3, but they produce similar launch and spin conditions. The difference is in the amount of workability versus forgiveness. There has been a repositioning in the center of gravity from front to back in the two heads. TJ goes into great detail on explaining the CG and the positioning change from the 910 to the 913.

In the 913 D2 driver, the CG is further away from the face which is going to result in more workability and a slight draw bias. In the 913 D3 model, the CG is closer to the face which allows for more workability.

Finally, the key to unlocking the total performance in Titleist 913 drivers is the patented SureFit Tour hosel technology that allows the loft and lie to be independently changed without compromising one or the other. This allows us you to fine tune launch in terms of trajectory and spin and also affect directional control with lie angle adjustments.

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