The Technology Behind the Ping G20 Driver Explained

Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go on ESPN 1320 interviews Lee McCormick with PING Golf on their newest G20 driver.

With each evolution of the PING G-series drivers, the technology improves and you can feel the difference when you hit the club.

What are the differences between the PING G20 driver and the older G15?

  1. There is more weight, low and deep in the clubhead to give you better performance and higher inertia. This is an important improvement, because the higher the moment of inertia (or MOI), the better the club will perform on a mis-hit.
  2. The shaft weighting. The PING G20 driver has more weight located under the grip area than any other shaft out there. This change allowed PING to add 7 grams of extra weight to the head which delivers more mass to the ball and greater speed with the same effort. Pretty sweet, right?

The philosophy of PING is engineering and the business has been built around the principles of engineering throughout the years. This family run business knows the performance of the product will speak for itself.

The PING G20 Driver retails for $299.99. Click HERE to learn more about this club from our online store, or call 916-808-2531 to schedule an appointment to come into the Player Performance Studio at Haggin Oaks and compare this driver side by side to the driver you are currently playing.

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