The Sacramento Golf Weekly ReCap

In case you missed it… here is everything you need to know from this past week!

Notable Mentions

Laguna Creek golf wins Metro Conference

Local Long Drive Golfer Goes Viral with a Broken Club

Christian Faria is a local long drive player with a very unique swing. He went viral on Instagram last week after he busted his shaft on his backswing during our weekly Long Drive Challenge. His unfortunate swing was caught on video and has been viewed over 500,000 times!

Monday – Meet Stix—The Best Playing and Best Looking Clubs You’ve Never Heard Of

Unless you’re Tiger Woods, a crazy-expensive pro kit will not change your game. Stix is for the rest of us—golf lovers who just want to swing stronger hit further, and love the way the clubs feel.

Tuesday –A Golf Hat For Every Course

Golf is a game synonymous with professionalism and seriousness. Sometimes it can be easy to forget that hey will not have to ask where you golf if you’re wearing the latest and most fantastic golf hats from Bartley Cavanaugh, Bing Maloney, or William Land golf courses. We took photos of the new logo golf hats from your favorite golf courses. Which one fits your golf style best?

Wednesday – Firefighter’s Burn Institue: Presents “Luau on the Links”

The Firefighters Burn Institute is bringing you an ALL NEW event this year! Held at the Pavilion at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, this Hawaiian Luau is an outdoor, strolling dinner event for anyone 21 years of age and over.

Thursday – Wish You Were Here @HagginOaks

If you follow us on Instagram, we try to highlight all the fun that happens here at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex. Unfortunately, there are so many good times that we can’t capture them all. We need your help sharing some of the incredible moments you have here at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, whether hitting the driving range, putting on the mini greens, eating at Mackenzie’s Bar & Grille, or The Hangout. We want you to share your Haggin Oaks photos and videos with the new Wish You Were here backdrop.

Friday – Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop Swing Into Spring Catalog

The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop Swing Into Spring Catalog is here. In this digital catalog, you will find fresh golf trends to add to your golf collection like the Callaway Rogue Family, Cobra LTDx Family, Cleveland Launcher XL Family, Mizuno ST-220 Woods, Bridgestone 2022 Tour X Series Golf Balls, Skycaddie LX5 Watch, Xponent Streak By Sureshot, Rapsodo Launch Monitor, to name a few.

Saturday – Employee Spotlight: Brandy Legay

If you haven’t taken a minute to stop by the MacKenzie Sports Bar & Grille please do and introduce yourself to BRANDY LEGAY one of our Bartenders.

Brandy is one that always has a smile on her face and serves the tastiest cocktails and beverages.

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