The Pebble Project on My Golf Spy

Golfspy_dave on Twitter has been writing about his recent series of golf lessons with Haggin Oaks Teaching Professional Greg Ciavarelli on in a feature entitled Operation Callaway: The Pebble Project.

Why did Dave call this “The Pebble Project”?  He explains it best, “I want to play Pebble Beach and walk off the course knowing that I scored the best I could. It will be a big number round, I am sure. However, if that big number comes from the course being difficult as opposed to me being terrible, I will drive home satisfied.”

The Pebble Project started in May and follows Dave through his series of lessons with Greg, rounds played at Northern California area golf courses and even includes his clubfitting experiences. The article provides sound advice for every player. In Dave’s wrap-up, he writes, “I think that this exercise in getting better at golf so I could play Pebble Beach was really more of an exercise in confidence and mental toughness… Over the course of this project, I think that my confidence in my game has increased. My expectations have decreased a bit as well, becoming more realistic and thus more attainable.”

Click HERE to read the complete series of Operation Callaway: The Pebble Project on and follow Dave on Twitter @golfspy_dave.

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