Taking Care of Your Golf Grips – Tips from Winn Grips

Frank LaRosa from Golf to Go on ESPN 1320 interviews Jeff Shepherd from Winn Grips to bring us insights on how often we should be changing the grips on our golf clubs in his interview from the 2013 Haggin Oaks Golf Expo.

At a minimum, we should be switching out our grips at least once a season. According to Shepherd, “For those guys that are really pounding a lot of balls and maybe playing once or twice a week, they might want to consider doing it twice a season.”

You can also clean your grips. For tips on how to properly clean your Winn polymer grips, go to www.Winngrips.com.

Your golf grips are your only connection to the golf club, and you need to ensure yours aren’t too slick or you may be sacrificing strokes on your golf game! Check out this video to see the latest Winn Grips on the market.



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