Hosel Rockets Podcast #27 – Executive Director of the Morton Golf Foundation – Jane Siebers

In episode 27 of the Hosel Rockets Podcast, Ken Morton, Jr. talks with the executive director for the Morton Golf Foundation. The Morton Golf Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps youth, the disabled, and underserved members of the Sacramento community through golf programs and fundraising. Their mission is to enrich the lives of the… Continue reading →

Hosel Rockets Podcast – Episode #25 – Interview with Mike Johnson from Golf Digest

In episode 25 of the Hosel Rockets Podcast, Ken Morton, Jr. interviews Mike Johnson from Golf Digest. Mike is an equipment editor and one of the judges for the magazine’s Hot List. The Hot List is a feature that brings together scientists, engineers, players, golf retailers, and more to analyze the newest golf equipment of… Continue reading →

Hosel Rockets Podcast #24 – Interview With Toptracer’s Shaun Hansen – The Tech That’s Changing Golf

In episode 24 of the Hosel Rockets Podcast, Ken Morton, Jr. interviews Shaun Hansen from Toptracer. Toptracer Range technology uses high speed cameras, coupled with sophisticated computer algorithms, to provide instantaneous ball tracking information to guests using the range. Introducing this technology at Haggin Oaks will serve as an exciting way to introduce more people… Continue reading →

Hosel Rockets Podcast #16 – Ping has new golf clubs & bags for 2020 + Remarkable golf facts you haven’t heard about.

Lee McCormick from Ping Golf joins us in Episode 16, to tell us all about the brand new Ping G710 Irons, as well as the Craz-E-Lite and Hoofer 14 golf bag. During the Jackburgeroni Experience, we chat about some of the most remarkable golf facts that many players will find extremely fascinating. Listen to the… Continue reading →

Hosel Rockets Podcast #12 – Improve your golf game, which color suits you best & funny Flip Flops.

Golf Professional Tom Morton joins us in episode 12 of the Hosel Rockets Podcast to share incredibly helpful golf tips plus we find out which color suits us best & check out the funniest Flip Flops we’ve ever seen! Listen to the Hosel Rockets Podcast on your favorite app! Spotify Apple Podcasts Stitcher Google Podcasts… Continue reading →

Hosel Rockets Podcast #4 – Interview with Scott “Woody” Woodworth, the founder of Loudmouth Golf.

We sit down with Scott “Woody” Woodworth, the founder of Loudmouth Golf who created one of the most recognizable golf clothing lines in the market today. In our Jackburgeroni segment, we have a blast talking about which celebrities and historical figures it would be fun to play a round of golf with. Listen to the Hosel Rockets… Continue reading →


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